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So does that mean the max vertical speed for gunner is 10 degrees or 45 degrees.

45 degrees with stabilizer that means that 45 degrees is the max speed

It means that the gun can move by 45°/s at a maximum. The gunner can manually move it at 10°/s while the maximum speed is used by the stabilization to keep the gun level. This means if the tank moves up or down by more than 45°/s the stabilizer can’t keep up anymore.

Ayo, you did the same thing I did with the line up presets lol love it.

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Yeah, a solid 7.0 lineup.

New suggestions


Type 16 MCV (C5)
Type 74 (G) Late
Type 4 Chi-To Prototype I


Has anyone found information about those up-armored Type 61s?


From what I read and heard, these were used as practice targets.

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bro… they really dressed that up like a panzer IV H. im dead bro💀 would be a cool premium though.

I guess it is possible to make a suggestion for it.

Even though the modifications were initially intended for OPFOR scenarios or as practice targets, but it is worth noting that the Conqueror is permitted to feature applique armor despite its original purpose for penetration testing. Given this precedent, there’s a valid argument for extending the same allowance to the Type 61.


By the way i just spent hours on the new suggestion. This one haven’t been suggested before and i don’t think many people even knew about this tank. Will be interesting to see what kind of reaction it will recieve…


what tank?

You will see it once the suggestion is open ;)

You might get your answer if you ask the people in aircraft section, this is a ground forces section :)

Yeah your right i was tired when i wrote that.

Type 89FV with fangs 😈


Sorry for Off topic
Here is the old forum discussion about Night Zero Fighter with photo and some spec.

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Appreciate however I’ve seen it and the only picture shown is just one version of the A6M Zero.
Anyway thanks though.

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A quick question and apologies if that has been discussed and answered already.

I could not find any information if the Type 90/Type 10 or TKX were equipped with spall liners.
Does anyone have any source for this?

No. Japan never added one because they have never been truly ever in a proper confrontation. Such things wouldn’t make sense unless you were in war. So probably weren’t even aware of what spall liners are.

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