Type 10 and its accuracy

im tired of talking to you people on the forums… i dont know who you are talking to or where you are getting your complete wrong information from . Every single U.S Tank since WW2 Has had either a form of spall shield, spall protection or spall liner. Every single Abrams ever made has had it, every single patton tank made has had it. The m113s have had it, the humvees have had it. go look at @Dinfire video even explaining this,.
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uh is not taking me to anything of the abrams dude its incomplete



If what are you showing is true, bug report should be made with this amongst sources.

its been done… gaijin has ignored them, every thing gaijin has said about the abrams has been debunked. everything people keep saying the abrams doesn’t have, IS WRONG, and the Abrams does infact have it

if you happen to have the source of the pic you plus a secondary source you can actually make a very reliable bug report

US4664967A - Ballistic spall liner - Google Patents

but dont send it to me lol make a bug report with that and a secondary source

waste of time, they dont read bug reports i have one for the B-29 and they haven’t even read it. yet B-29 Guns missing CCIP // Gaijin.net // Issues

ping a mod for that its a very good bug report

Nope, they do make spall liners, but they’re not installed in the Abrams

I’m not gonna engage with you if you’re going to spout nonsense like this, Kevlar was invented in 1965

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Kevlar isnt an anti-spall material in american tanks its used to hold ceramics together since they’re extremely brittle

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Not according to the contractor paid to determine how much weight a spall liner would add to the M1A2, as I already posted earlier in the thread. Also it’s impossible for a spall liner to be “inside the armour” as people in this thread are claiming. The spall liner needs to be the final layer to catch the spall, otherwise it won’t accomplish anything


Ok, but what if the spall liner is not the last layer but the second last and the last layer is something like 5 mm thick. Would it really be that big of problem?

There is literally zero reason to have any armour no matter how thin past the spall liner because that 5mm will turn into a sheet of sharp metal going through the crew

Why would this ever be done though? HOW would it be done? Why would the manufacturer risk adding a tiny layer of steel that would only serve to generate more spall? How would they attach this layer of steel to the spall liner, which can’t be welded to? I am 100% positive that if you cannot see a spall liner in a vehicle, it is not present. The type 10 was designed to be extremely light, and spall liners can easily add several tonnes of weight to a tank. You can see from all photos and videos of the interior that it does not have one.

bro… did you really just type this.

kevlar is an anti-spall material and it was even specified numerous times to be an spall material “spall laner made out of kevlar may increase the weight of the M1 abrams, the idea was discarded”

he said that it isn’t used as a spall liner in the Abrams, not that Kevlar doesn’t work as a spall liner

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Spall liners are in the armor package. Full stop.

The internal spall liner the Leotard 2a7v and T90M boasy doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t need to.

Fix Abrams turret ring, fix the armor package, improve the lower front plate to match the upgrades of hap-2 and hap-3, and we’d be able to tank more than a couple rounds, plus hit harder with m829a3 that can wipe Kontakt-5 and likely bypass half of Relikt.

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