Type 10 and its accuracy


it is believed the type 10 spall liner its in the armor itself cuz there was a mention of the type 74 having an spall liner embeded into the armor so it was not visible but it might also not be the case taking in count that for example the Komatsu LAV spall liner its clearly visible but it might just be that the vehicle has too thin armor to be embeded in the armor itself although other motives make me doubt about it

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the inside of a tank wont always display spall liners. They can be hidden behind panels or intergrated into armour sometimes

such as the type 74, but surely the type 10 would have spall liners just that we dont really know because there is no visual proof taking in count how the type 74 got spall liners integrated into the armor its very probable that the type 10 has it like that aswell

That’s not possible and makes no sense. Do people here even know what a spall liner is? It’s a layer that catches the spall generated by a penetrating round. It needs to be behind the armour by definition because it’s the steel armour that is generating spall in the first place.

It does not. Compare this image from the video below of the type 10’s interior vs a Leo 2 that actually does have a spall liner.

The lining and it’s mounting points are clearly visible on the leopard but not on the Type 10.

you literally have no idea how tanks are made do you.? You cant see the spall liner on abrams, guess what, the abrams has a spall liner.

not every tank has the same functioning for a spall liner for example during our investigation for spall liners we found that the type 74 has spall liners integrated in the armor probably between 2 variable thickness plates altough this is weird its not impossible, another thing is that the spall liners is not made of kevlar for japan is made of other non specified materials even said by the frbricants during an interview tanks may have a different build than other its just not fair to compare them all to another

Lmao, yes, that is how comparisons work

Actually you can’t see the spall liner on the Abrams because it doesn’t have one.


that’s the archive stating for the M1A2SEPV2 only the M1A2SEPV3 uses spall liners and it was even said by a crewmember of an abrams so yeah that’s actually right

if you want info for the type 74, i’ve found out japanese wikipedia very reliable with info

Okay, but we don’t have the SepV3 in game. My point was to refute what the other guy was saying about magic invisible spall liners. If you can’t see a spall liner in a tank it’s because it doesn’t have one.

Wikipedia is never a reliable source, it’s good for general knowledge but that’s about it. Also, that wiki makes no reference to a spall liner

yeah that’s why i said that you are right with the abrams not having a spall liner i was just saying damn
plus i’ve found data in the wikipedia for the japanese wikipedia very reliable due to it going into deep sources of the info such as interviews with fabricants and even crewmembers of such vehicles to even archives such as this type 74 info

and this is why nothing you have said, or will ever say will mean anything to anyone. Du Pont makes the kevlar spall liners for the Abrams. Every single American MBT since ww2 has had spall liners.

and you’re wrong.


Brief look at their website mentions MRAPs and bradley but not abrams.

If they made spall liners for abrams, wouldnt they mention that?

Thats bold claim to say at least.

it dosent say anything about abrams

Did you just ignore the picture i uploaded?

Not typing out incomplete link, went straight to their website. Could you please provide working link?