Type 10 and its accuracy

Ofcourse no documents or such are to be leaked. However I would like to talk about the Type 10. How it lacks spall liner, the armour is non existant even though it should have a bit and not easily 50cal able. And how the engine performs worse than the previous model the Type 90.

Firstly is just engine. There is videos of the Type 10 out speeding its previous type breathen. Like the Type 90 and the Type 74. And ingame the tank is just barely faster than the type 90. And spall liner is just because new update. I don’t expect it any time soon


I give you easy answers.
Armor is missing some parts(maybe on osme places)
Engine is not the problem,transmission is.
Spall liner zero information about those.Mostly none.
In the end Japan community is so smal that even if you start to riot it will be shadowed by salty Abrams and Cr2 players.


As to armor and spall liner, lack of sources. Even now the entire tank is just guesstimation. If its well educated guesstimation, cant tell.

As for mobility, Im sure it was already reported, so 90% sure ball is now in Gaijins side of the court.

Im afraid that unless JSDF allows someone to photograph the tank interior or some brave soul leaks its classified manual, its gonna remain in its current form.

vertical horizontal guidance also stuck at 30°/s because they took more than 30°/s as it is fullstop.
so unless we got number of how much vertical horizontal speed is and not the gunner speed, we pretty much stuck at that slow ass turret.

Meanwhile T-90M with 40 degrees aced…but a Type 10 with those speeds is “unheard of”…


I wish it had 30deg/s vertical speed, it’s 10.

Not sure about T-90M, but the BVM and 72B3s 40/40 is overperforming massively.
Didn’t they randomly buff the Leclerc speeds after denying it for months as well?

oh wait, i mixed up vertical and horizontal, my bad.

i think the leclerc have a document stating the turret have 40°/s horizontal guidance, but only now they decided to buff it.

we basically stuck with gunner available speed, while other have the privilege of max rotation speed

there is a documents stating the turret traverse of the type 10 and even a reliable journalist that got info from the fire tests stating that the front of the type 10 recieved a Type 10 round without pen and another one even made an armor shceme of the type 10

There is the document with Type 10 turret traverse around… 40? 45?

40 degrees per second with stabilizer on

So can you show it?

ill search for it, i dont have it with me but someone did post it in the forums

Okay, hope your searching will not be just waste of time. Anyway thank you.

type 10 info and even a talk with the developers of the tank stating a lot of info for the type 10 and comparing info the website its correct with the conference, including the turret rotation of 39.8 degrees per second


Or those people who G.E everything then talk about two nations, they don’t play

The transmission isnt the only problems. It is also the engine, it is rated to have 1200 HP not the one we get ingame sadly.

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yeah guessing is mostly what the type 10 is but gaijin can surely estimate if it has spall liner or not. We gotta pray they give it spall liner some point

It doesn’t have a spall liner

What it is 1200hp in-game.

it does.