Transfer of console-created accounts now available (suspended)

Please note! Due to a high volume of inquiries, the procedure for transferring console accounts will be temporarily suspended from 13.05.24. All transfer requests submitted before this moment will be processed. An announcement regarding the resumption of the procedure will be made separately.

Before you submit the request, read the following articles


You should do a news article on THIS.


FINALLY!!! Thank you Gaijin!
Should the support request be submitted under other questions?


It doesn’t matter as long as you name your request correctly (“Unlinking PSN/Xbox account”)

Submitted a request 10 hrs ago. The article says that the account will be frozen during the transfer process. However, I have noticed that I am still able to log into the game and nothing seems to have changed thus far.

Would there be any notifications sent to users when the transfer handling begins? Idk if I should keep playing the game.

As a first step you will have to confirm that you made all the preparations and understand the consequences. Also, we will have to check if you’re making request from the correct account (surprisingly many people use some random email that wasn’t even used for playing on console and we have to waste time finding out which one was meant actually).
Only after that it will be frozen and processed.

Data Minimization (Article 5(1)(c)): The request to confirm preparations and understand consequences may involve the collection of more information than strictly necessary for the account transfer process, potentially violating the principle of data minimization stated in GDPR.

Thank you so much I have been waiting for this to open up for awhile

So after i open the support ticket and receive the email confirming its open i just have to wait correct?

After you confirm your readiness, you just wait.


Thank you! You should make this a news article!

I have to review this whole year waiting.

By the way, did you improve the automate process? I can imagine it’s a lot of work for you guys. really appreciate it.


Hey sorry to be that guy who cant read but is standard premium account transferred? I’ve litterally just bought 3 months a few days ago and dont want to lose it if I go through with this

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If you purchased it in-game for GE, you keep it.

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Yeah, we did improve it, we’ll see now how it fares with real requests)

so basically saying is i can transfer my account from console to pc as long as i spend golden eagles and leave squadron too but all my progress is okay and all the premium will still be there ?

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I would like to know this too. I’ve read some stuff on Reddit forums where peoples premium pack vehicles didn’t transfer from Xbox. Considering I have like 7-8 pack vehicles I wanna make sure before i initiate the transfer process. lol

You don’t lose anything when transferring from Xbox.
But for PS accounts, premium time from vehicle packs and exclusive A-26 bomber aren’t carried over.

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Awesome, great to hear! I was a little worried. So I won’t lose any golden eagles or premium time whatsoever when transferring from Xbox to pc? I have like 2 months of premium and roughly 6k GE. It isn’t a big deal if am going to lose that - I was just going to buy me a vehicle and accept my loses on the premium time.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can finally use the marketplace now!