Towards who sub trees really belong to?

Japan should get Thailand and Israel should get Singapore or (preferably) Chile.
Thee other mentioned countries shouldn’t get any.

China also has no sub-tree as of now, ROC and PRC simply share it. They should get Pakistan as a sub-tree though.

America, the USSR, and Germany probably won’t get one because they have more than enough. As for Israel, the only option is Chile because Israel propped up Chile’s military for about 40 years. The issue is that Chile would also be integral to a LATAM tree, which I heavily support. China can get Pakistan or North Korea (Ch’ŏnma-2 my beloved).


Ger hasn’t a single capable CAS jet for Ground RB top BR, since Tornado just got bombs (which are hard to use) and F-4F just allowed to have 2 Mavericks with a TV B/W seeker, which is so bad that you don’t spot anything.

Indonesian Su-27 could be a pretty good event vehicle/battlepass though, not that many players would get access to it so it wouldnt make it so that fighting against Japan would seem like fighting Russia. Could save Gaijin the hassle of making new models as well which I would prefer so that the updates for the subtrees actually get unique models instead of it all being premium vehicles.

I don’t see why Japan should be getting VT-4 and VN-1. It is a stupid thing to do, especially since Thailand already has “unique” vehicles that could be added instead of those. T-84 Oplot and BTR-3E1.

‘United’ region trees honestly sound unrealistic to me. There should be a main nation, like Sweden in case of Scandinavia, for that to happen. And making Japan the ‘main’ nation of an unified Asia tree is again, not very smart.

I highly recommend you take a look at my suggested subtree rework, which in part addresses such issues. I could always use some additional opinions and input to help improve on the concept

China has no sub tree. Further explanation is not possible, you know what I mean.

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but the only one officialy ours is argentinia, besides that poland are only the psychos or memer claiming

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Nobody claimed poland should be in Germany
Maybe as a meme or part of a controversial discussion

But Argentina and Switzerland definitely should be for their military cooperation

As they can fill holes in german cas and aviation

I dont feel like its a stretch to say the swiss will be added for germany. They have pretty strong connections and a bunch of cool vehicle to pad out the brs and add for future gaps at least when it comes to the CF/18 from Switzerland

You’d be surprised how many do seriously wish it

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Just like russian mains ask for ukraine in their tree yea every faction has those players i believe

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Regarding this, sadly Ukraine is a part of the Russia tree.
We have to remember its not realy the Russian tree, but the USSR tree and ukraine was part of that.
That being said because of the circumstances it realy shouldnt be added in that way

The only post Soviet countries represented there are Russia and a single Kazach event vehicle.
Among that it should be said that Lithuania, a former territory and republic within USSR, has one vehicle in the game but in the German tree.

Obviously Ukraine was much more integral to the USSR than Lithuania was, but it still sets the tone that being a former Soviet republic doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be part of the USSR tree.

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Oh no this going to get political… Haha

But yea if you go further into USSR engineering history
Ukraine indeed played a large part in it especially in military

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I dont exactly see what is the problem with a Thai VT-4 & VN-1, those vehicles were made for the export market, hell the PLA itself did not acquire it. The Chinese tech tree already boasts the prototype demonstration variant (VT-4A1), what Thailand gets is a downgraded version of it - No APS & slower engine (only 1300 hp engine for the Thai VT-4, VT-4A1 gets a 1,500hp engine).

China will not lose anything if Thailand gets the VT-4, its not like its the only modern MBT for China anyways.


Thai VT-4 clearly without the APS:



Idk what subtree for Israel, it certainly could use one but. In my opinion, Israel should get some of the multitude of vehicles it has upgraded for other nations. But there are still stuff to be added for Israel made by Israel like Kfir Block 60.

salty chinese spotted

Japan lacks literally anything
A single chinese tank wont hurt anybody

The main problem is not Thai will get VT4, but Thai in Japan tree will get China-made VT4 which will under Japan nation flag in matchmaker and TT (even worse, the Japan TT is using WW2 imperial flag in non-Chinese or Korean client)
If Germany receive Philippine, do you think it’s proper to add Sabra to German TT?
(Philippine is because i cant find another nation with Israel made vehicles)
Also, Community Bug Reporting System