Towards who sub trees really belong to?

I have noticed obviously every country has a some sort of a subtree
Wether its just 2-3 vehicles or a whole line
So who really gets who?
Obviously italy gets hungary
French gets benelux
China gets Taiwan
Sweden get Finland and probably Norway in near future

Now who does belong to the US, germany, japan, and israel tree? Are they going to get sub tree or own vehicles from their closest allies? How it’s going to be determined?


They probably won’t. The U.S atleast, has a rich history from a military point of view as well as germany does but maybe germany will have some “holes” in its tt

Japan is probably getting a Thai sub-tree, possibly more smaller Asian countries as well.

I think Japan has been stated to get a bit of an Asian Sub-TT with nations like Thailand

US and USSR really don’t need one

Germany already claims that Argentina, Poland and Switzerland are sub-TTs. The only one that they could and should get is Switzerland

Israel I don’t know


What unique vehicles does Thailand offer…besides elephants?..Which would be cool.

The Stingray light tank, for one



Norway and Denmark are already mentioned and essentially confirmed for sweden. I could see the air tree getting another nation as like isreal it had 3 lines when it started and a sub tree only adds one line to their air tree.

T-84 Opolot as well.

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Wasn’t that textron=Cadillac export vehicle developed by US?

??? You literally asked what vehicles Thailand could provide and I gave you one. What are you talking about?

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Germany doesn’t need a sub-tree for the same reason the US and USSR don’t, though the latter two actually have some viable options. The “arguments” for German sub trees basically all boil down to either:

*They speak German or a language similar to German
*Some Germans live there
*They used a German tank or tank co-developed by Germany at some point

All of which are comically shit reasons for a sub-tree in a nation that still has plenty of domestic designs available, and is already the 2nd biggest tree in the game.


They are from other countries… personally, idc…thought maybe they developed some of their own.

Yes, that’s right!

Thailand should still get it if their subtree is added, as they’re the only operator of the vehicle.

I don’t see that as a loss, as there’s many other US light tanks to be added, such as Stingray II, M10 Booker, BAE’s MPF prototype etc.

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Yes, so is the F-4 but it is in multiple trees. Since Thailand operates the T-84, it has the best chance of making an appearance if it was a Japanese Subtree.

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I would love to see oplot m, but it won’t happen for above reason.

For reason of what? The vehicle is Ukrainian in origin? The T-84 is currently sitting in the CTK files, but placing the tank where it would have reasonably gone (Russia) would be the upsetting part for people. The Thai T-84 is just a tank. That would be like people throwing a fit over the T-90M and T-80BVM being in game right now due to conflicts.

That’s not true. The biggest reason for a german subtree is the lack of planes at rank 6+. Germany has atm less vehicles/jets than france even without the benelux subtree.

With benelux they get 4 more vehicles at rank 6+ air and if france can get vehicles there despite already having more then germany aswell with a subtree.

Plus france has still much more options for planes there compared to germany like an improved alpha jet etc. while germany has realisticly only 1 tornado, 2-3 eurofighters and a F-35 left

Germany ain’t that large what you on fam

Some countries could even form subtrees in different nations.

Like, for example: Poland.

Polish WW2 era tanks could go to britain, as they should fight against ussr and germany. (also, they were inspired by vickers designs)

But we already have polish vehicles in germany, like leopard 2pl and Lim5P

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