Towards who sub trees really belong to?

Specifically on general discussion threads or in general?

How about

US: Australia, saudi Arabia
Germany: Switzerland and/or Austria
France and italy already got one
Russia: well could be Kazakhstan but it’s a huge export nation so probably a copy paste,

Sweden: norway Denmark, and Finland which already exists

Japan and china are both highly controversial so I’ll avoid it get too political

As for israel? I don’t really know all they cooperate with are mostly with US
If anyone gets sources would be cool

And that’s it for most part
We actually need subtrees for countries as it could really bring balance and close tech tree holes
And reduce faction wars between people in forums

They did actually.



DTI Sea Tiger AAPC

DTI Black Widow Spider

Chaiseri Tiger I


Thairung Transformer with RBS-70

Thairung MU4 with Starstreak

And there is even some ongoing projects with great potential, like the AFV-420P and R600








That would be great for japan
However idk if it’ll spark a political conflict in forums

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Germany ain’t that large what you on fam

Germany has atm less vehicles/jets than france even without the benelux subtree.

Germany has 151 Ground, 166 Air and 67 Naval vehicles, making it the second largest Ground tree, third largest Air and fourth largest Naval tree.

France has 85 Ground, 91 Air and 23 Naval vehicles, putting it at sixth place for Ground, seventh place for Air and seventh for Naval - dead last.

The BeNeLux tree gives France 10 more planes moving it up to sixth largest in Air. Fair enough France currently has 29 Rank 6+ aircraft (Third most) and Germany 26 (Fourth most) but, as discussed, they still have a far larger tree overall.

Potential future options gets pretty subjective but looking purely at previous forum suggestions you’ve missed out at least 4 Phantoms plus an assortment of F-84s and MiG-19/21/23s; End of the day Germany were more into building ground vehicles than air.

And circling back to your first point

The biggest reason for a german subtree is the lack of planes at rank 6+

Again they don’t lack planes at Rank 6+, they just have fewer than France does. Eurofighter is almost certainly coming before the end of 2024 so people need to have a crumb of patience, their heads won’t explode if Germany doesn’t dominate every rank every update. And for the record I do think the BeNeLux sub-tree is a horrible idea.

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I believe Thailand is already being at least considered. Especially now that Gaijin has tested the waters with the F-5E FCU and received a very positive reaction from Thai players. The only real issue might be some Chinese vehicles Thailand bought in the modern day, as many Chinese players don’t want to see them under a Japanese flag.

Though I believe there is also a way to avoid even that last issue


Shameless self promotion
Subtree Rework - Nation Folders

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The Entire Forum and any other Gaijin web pages… we know it can be difficult to keep politics out of discussions, main issue is pretty much summed up in the rule

“political and religious agitation and propaganda”

“propagation of conflicts”

“discussion of actual political and religious issues”


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I believe they already stated that Japan won’t get any Chinese vehicles, under any circumstance.

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They have made a statement they aren’t planned as far as I’m aware, so I wouldn’t consider them to be anywhere near likely, despite technically being possible as plans may change. I believe a Thai subtree would still be more than functional without them though, as seen with the current Thai suggestions that have completely excluded Chinese vehicles.


Nah nah you got a point there

There isn’t much options
SK is highly controversial
Thailand is literally the only choice
If they got chinese vehicles
Some will be added
Japan is in dire TT emptiness
And they don’t have much local technology themselves

So either add Thailand in it

Or make United asia tech tree somehow which also could be a good idea
(It will include SK)
So idk about controversy aspect

This might sound a little dumb, but how about we get a Thai sub tree and the snail cherry picks some planes from other Southeast Asian nations…

(For example, the snail all of a sudden gives Japan mains a random Su-27 from Indonesia along with our thai tree)

Japan should get Thailand and Israel should get Singapore or (preferably) Chile.
Thee other mentioned countries shouldn’t get any.

China also has no sub-tree as of now, ROC and PRC simply share it. They should get Pakistan as a sub-tree though.

America, the USSR, and Germany probably won’t get one because they have more than enough. As for Israel, the only option is Chile because Israel propped up Chile’s military for about 40 years. The issue is that Chile would also be integral to a LATAM tree, which I heavily support. China can get Pakistan or North Korea (Ch’ŏnma-2 my beloved).


Ger hasn’t a single capable CAS jet for Ground RB top BR, since Tornado just got bombs (which are hard to use) and F-4F just allowed to have 2 Mavericks with a TV B/W seeker, which is so bad that you don’t spot anything.

Indonesian Su-27 could be a pretty good event vehicle/battlepass though, not that many players would get access to it so it wouldnt make it so that fighting against Japan would seem like fighting Russia. Could save Gaijin the hassle of making new models as well which I would prefer so that the updates for the subtrees actually get unique models instead of it all being premium vehicles.

I don’t see why Japan should be getting VT-4 and VN-1. It is a stupid thing to do, especially since Thailand already has “unique” vehicles that could be added instead of those. T-84 Oplot and BTR-3E1.

‘United’ region trees honestly sound unrealistic to me. There should be a main nation, like Sweden in case of Scandinavia, for that to happen. And making Japan the ‘main’ nation of an unified Asia tree is again, not very smart.

I highly recommend you take a look at my suggested subtree rework, which in part addresses such issues. I could always use some additional opinions and input to help improve on the concept

China has no sub tree. Further explanation is not possible, you know what I mean.

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but the only one officialy ours is argentinia, besides that poland are only the psychos or memer claiming

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