Tornado IDS CCRP problem

In F4, or A6, after setting the target point there is a vertical line on cockpit crosshair, that indicates where target point is. That thing helps a lot with CCRP bombing

Tornado IDS has a vertical line like that, but it doesn’t stick with target point but with a in-cockpit crosshair. I can’t tell how many times i have missed my target on SB because i had no idea where target point is.

Now there is a question - is there any way to make ccrp bombing more reliable that that? Is bombing line not sticking with target point a bug?

Afaik that’s realistic.

Hm, I never had aby issues with it in the Tornado…

That F-4 screenshot, what variant is it? I have never seen a CCRP line in my F-4E…

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ikr, thats strange, i want that in my F4F

It’s a german F4F

I have had this exact same thought and it is correct, but we have missing symbology.

Flame’s explanation:

So the F4 is like the Jaguar and Harrier

I do have a bug report in for the missing symbology, but I doubt it will ever get added