Tornado ASSTA1 lower BR

lower the BR of the german Tornados becouse they have no reason to be at sutch a high of a BR in the first place, they have a lackluster ground attack capability, absolutley no air to air becouse of the aim9l nerf, the reaserch tornado ASSTA1 has no radar, the event tornado has a gound to air radar that is useless, its speed is not good either, its the last in the battle which in tern means that if you some how survive the ungodly spam of the phenix missiles you willl ither get picked off by AIM9M or the russian eqvivelant or all of the teamates will have alleady goten all of the bases before you becouse theyr speed is 50% higher than yours

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All actual strike aircraft suffer in the current meta with F-4S rocket bomber spam sadly. Wait for the F-4S craze to die down, and they might do something about it, but I wouldn’t count on anything happening before then.

yeah I have stated that the power to weight ratio is obismal in the sence that it can not reach the bases in time

You just got to play passive with the Tornado. Let your teammates take the bases and just wait for them to respawn. The issue is Tornados are really meant to be used like how people use them in sim. Just fly out of fighters flight paths and sneak onto bombing targets.

I know I start to sound like a broken record player, but I keep repeating: Tornado is one of those aircraft that work great in Sim EC, as there you have much less to worry about your desired target - which lies smack in the middle of the GiFuBoD (Giant Furball of Death) - being snacked away from under your nose.

I know a lot of people shy away from Sim, but if one enjoys bombers/attackers, Sim EC should at least be given a chance to be tried…

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I hope gajin adds assta2 and assta 3 version this way the BR can be adjusted. Also they should look in to some of the airplanes speeds and adjust them accordingly. I love the Tornado, but it feels off. Slugish and non if its stregths are in WT. The all weather low level cabilitys, well its always sunshine and day in WT, the build in navigation system, every one has a mini map and the maps are know. No fly by wire system, every one flys with mouse. No waypoints.Navigation, just nothing. The only Tornado with long range attack cabilitys is behind a paywall and even then it cant use its orenence against ground targets,bases primarly. Not even the fact that is build as low level attacker gives it any advatages aka autopilot and terrain follwing abilitys.

Would still buy as a premium and fly in WT but it hs no redeming qualitys at all.