Toptier Vs 11.3 #f4s

I’m quite bored of playing with planes that are so different and more advanced. Every time I enter with my F4s plane, which has a battle score of 11.3, I am confronted by the top class planes of other countries. I spent money to buy this plane and it is my natural right to expect something in return. How can I survive against the versatile lockable rockets fired from 150 kilometers on other aircraft? For example, how will I combat aim 54a on f14s? Why can’t I fight with planes that are equal to my plane? The online number of the game is quite high. High-grade planes can play with each other. I’m tired of always being the target of high-class planes. #f4s

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Uptiers are not unique to American F-4S players, but you’d think they’re some sort of persecuted class with how much they cry about it.


No one is crying, we are fighting with unequal weapons and usually there are not 3 or 5 people.
Maybe it’s not that important in a tank, but radar superiority and rocket superiority make a big difference.

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Either fly low or notch.

F-4S is not without its weaknesess (bad RWR comes to mind), but its perfectly fine at 11.3.

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It is unnecessary to play with upper br. There’s enough online already. Why don’t equal planes fight?

You got GJed. :D
Btw, you’re top tier for the next 48h in EC.
I’m never top tier in 11.0 Mig21 and F4F and don’t have MRM on either plane.

Yeah, I thought the same when I researched the F4 Phantom 11.3… No idea why the gap in technology is so huge.

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The only “top tier” plane that the F-4S fights is the F-15 which really should join its peers at 12.7

BR-sets rotate every two days: Simply play on days that have 11.3 as top BR, so you will not have to face Tomcats and M2000’s!

For myself I made a little calendar where I always see what the BR-setup of any day is in Sim EC: BR Calendar - Google Spreadsheets.

Today for example is a good day for 11.3, the day after it’s not good as 11.7 is top, then 2 good days again for 11.3…


Also, the Phantoms are still relatively comfortable to play at that BR: Pulse Doppler radar, both IR and SARH missiles (and lots of both), great A/G capability, IFF…

…and we have the F-5E with IR missiles only (2 rear aspect ones for the regular 5E, 4 all-aspect ones for the squadron vehicle), with a poor radar, without IFF.

…and we have all 11.0 aircraft which have not a single rotation where they are top-BR. At the moment at least…

just take 5 sparrows, and 2 aim 9’s , and every extra place for rockets.
Your aim is to rocket 1.5 base / run.
Fly low, keep your radar on head on mode, and sparrows selected for self defence when running on that base. It’s damn boring plane to play, missiles are hit or miss. Anything flying low, dont even bother to shoot.
When reaching that base, just salvo your rockets until 40 are left, and that base is gone, head to next base, repeating same as going on first base.
Get back to airfield, try to avoid enemies, or take a shot or 2 if possible, but dont stay dog fighting, your flare / chaff’s are empty sooner as you even realise :D

…guys like that are the favorite food of my Thaiger… = )

lucky fattom’s are slow enough, that there’s usually plenty meatshield infront of them , for mig’s and thaigers :D worst grind was in su25sm3, 11.7 in subsonic striker. All bases were gone, when you entered “battlefield” and every fast enemy jet was immediately on you :D

Do you mean in RB? As in Sim EC bases respawn regularly and there’s usually enough for everybody (although I have rare matches when getting to them before they were snacked away was tricky…)

Yeah, RB… Not going to touch sim, least if not getting hotas first. Heard enough horror stories on mouse using in Sim :D

Using mouse joystick in Sim isn’t to bad once you get your sensitivities down.

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Yeah, also wouldn’t do that then…

I’m fortunate to have a great setup (homepit with Warthog HOTAS and elongated joystick, pedals, and VR), so I enjoy Sim EC very much.

Sounds quite nice setup.
Nowdays I’m playing on laptop , so it limits a bit setups. Not that I would have drooled over that warthog setup… :D But luckily prize is limiting, especially if I dont like playing sim , so it would be sitting for nothing. And none of friends owns hotas so I could borrow one to test it if it’s for me or not :D

If you order one from Amazon then you can take advantage of their return policy if you decide it isn’t for you. I think it is 30 days on electronics like that.

I can really recommend using controller if you have some old Playstation/xbox controller laying around. Some of the best players in sim I know are using that.