Top Tier is unplayable

Naturally, I want both.

However, priority list is important and right now the Abrams need survivability improvements over a reload speed increase.

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I do agree that the Later models are better than the JAS 39C, but you can’t really say that the Eurofighter had better missiles than the Gripen because THEY LITERALLY HAVE THE SAME MISSILES, but Also they gave the 39C to the UK but made it an A with aim9m, that isn’t really a C model, I think they will add the Eurofighter (which entered service in what, 2004?) And the Rafale (and the 39C to Sweden) in the next update

The point is EFT could literally not use anything below AMRAAM level, Gripen technically can, which is why it’s here, and why the EFT and Rafale aren’t. EFT’s radar is also significantly superior (larger and newer therefore), adding to that it being a better or at least equal dogfighter.

When playing Ground realistic Battles at top tier the mantra is:

Always the one-shot, never the one-shooter.

It really doesn’t matters what you bring to battle, if it’s not an SPAA targetting air from proper cover, chances are that either you’ll die before shooting or will be dead before any follow up shot.

This is why I also have actually funnier to play WW2 era-ish line-ups. No problems with classified stats, no problems with “intended for hull down doctrine with a gigaton of intel”, no problem with thermal vision, no problem with AA missiles… just steer away from poorly-BR tanks and have some actual fun each now and then.


I totaly agree this thread.

Mirage 4K is ok-tier but really bad in the actuel meta
An early rafale is needed

Well i ain’t know is it unpunishable, but still set it there…

Your solution only provide CAS player more advantage.

  1. Nerf pantsir means no more spaa defence.
  2. No comment
  3. If you don’t want spall liners talk with the tank designers in real life.
  4. We should all start driving “Sturm Tiger” one shot = one kill.
  5. Why should playing CAS rewarding and get the best reward because you expect a lot of players have CAS except prem avation.
    3 kills for plane and 2 kills for heli to spawn sound very easy to get kill if you can sniper accros open maps
    6* planes/heli are nightmare let alone 2* CAS and 2* heli spawn camping
  6. Let take WoT example only handfull selected players feedback to represent the entire playerbase so they can said we listen to playes feedback.


Not unrealistic at all. I was a crewman on an M1A2 SEP v2 back in the 2010’s, and it was drilled into every loader that you got that gun ready to fire in 5 seconds or less. Some loaders I knew could get it down to about 3.5 seconds. I’m actually happy they got the loading time correct for once, and I’m not even an American main.

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in RL a tank eats 1 round and the crew abandons the tank due to high risk of explosion and loss of human life.


In real life 2024 you will see minimum tank vs tank battles anymore because by drones, atgm on ground and helicopters with atgm is like suicide driving a tank.

Gaijin should remove Pantsir S1 and get Tor-m1, which same as China… another Russian bias evidence…


Jesus… if this isnt the truth!!

“in RL a tank eats 1 round and the crew abandons the tank due to high risk of explosion and loss of human life.”

This ^… I just melted 3 out of 4 crew members, yet the Commander can somehow drive the tank, shoot main gun, fire the machine gun and drive away to safety. Needs to be either a kill for an obvious disabling of the crew/vehicle or at LEAST some type of “stun” to make it more realistic.

It’s the same with that one Russian premium anti-tank/anti-air at 10.0 i think. It’s only still a prototype.



The Abrams Reload buff is legit an actual qualification all Abrams loaders must meet 3-5 second minimum multiple tankers from the USMC and US Army have confirmed this from the 1980s to 2023.

But in this instance it while historically covered it was also to keep the abrams competitive as war thunder is not realistic as most changes are for “balance”

But the rest I mostly agree with.

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I literally agree with this, France has been voided and ignored when it comes to bugs and unrealistic things. So many people made suggestions and it was just ignored. France in my opinion needs a rework for everything. However, i’m pretty sure the reason everything might be unrealistic is because France doesn’t disclose a lot of information about their vehicles, at least that what i heard.

France should be one of the big nations as they played a very important role in WW2 and WW1, I don’t understand why gaijin or the devs won’t look into the other nations as well and fix some issues there as well. The only major update with France was adding the naval forces everyone has been expecting, but most of us want a rework with the ground forces as its unrealistic.

They like to keep adding vehicles onto the tech tree but don’t want to fix any armor issues or rework some of the vehicles and it’s honestly annoying how they just decided to ignore everyone’s complaints and suggestions about the French vehicles.


That’s not for balance, just gaijin doesn’t care about those small nations like France, Italy or China, if they want, these nations should get buff first, simply buff all of M1A1/A2’s reload time is unacceptable.

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It’s extremely annoying…