Top Tier is unplayable

Absolute first gen Rafale was quite limited in fact, I am talking about the real first gen, not the latter.

Not on a battlefield, it’s like saying that an AR15 can get a hit on a target at 2 km, it theory yes in competition, but on the bettloefield you would not.

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But for instance Leclerc’s reload can be 4 sec in theory and have 96% certainty of “no problem” but in order to have 100% certainty of “no problem”, the frenchies only use it at 6 sec, this is what’s common on the battlefield.

Literally yes, on a battlefield. We trained to do that on battlefield conditions, and did so on battlefield conditions. 5 seconds IS realistic for a loader. You literally can’t argue this point against someone who has actually been there done that.

Might be, however 5 seconds is already considered a very good reload time for an Abrams loader in battle conditions, and in order to pass TCGST you got to load any round in less than 7 sec.

Thinking your way, we would give the abrams 2.8 seconds reload time because you might have done that one time ? This is bullshit in WT.
You can throw 3 rounds IRL in 10 sec in a abrams, however, this is with the second and third rounds already in front of the breech, without moving, and on a fixed target at 1000m so not viable at all on the battlefield. Obivioulsy with three times the same round.

According to a fellow comrade in the US army, who is a Tank commander btw, shooting every 6 to 10 seconds in REAL and BASIC conditions is more real… With change in round type, aim on another target, moving of the vehicle etc.

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You would never, EVER have the 2nd, and definitely 3rd rounds outside of the ammo stowage racks while the tank is firing. Changing the round type has nothing to do with the loader, as all the loader needs to do is know where each ammo type is stowed in the ready rack, and ANY competent loader would know where they placed the rounds before firing. Firing different rounds for the gunner is as simple as flipping a switch, and a different fire command from the Commander.

I cant reiterate enough, I WAS a loader, gunner, AND tank commander and 5 seconds was the standard. SABOT rounds could be loaded on average faster, while HEAT took a little longer due to their increased weight. If you want to argue the different shell types should have varying load times then that’s a different topic altogether, but 5 second load times for an expert crew in War Thunder IS realistic.

On the war thunder forums your qualifications apparently mean fuck all because a drooling armchair “expert” just won’t allow his views to be altered by facts…


3- Rafale is significantly superior to Gripen.
5- You’re right, Abrams should have 3.5 second reload for at least 7 rounds.
6- Then use exclusively Magic 2s like I do:

7- What? Just flare correctly & out maneuver the Su-27.
8- Pantsir is trash, and can’t hit any CAS. Which makes me using Mirage 2000s to kill them overly easy.
Soviets & all other tech trees need new superior SPAA in order to deal with CAS being OP.
9- Ka-50 is the easiest helicopter to fight against, with Ka-52 being easier than Apaches.
Fast TOW-2s aren’t meta at top against tanks which makes killing Ka-52 with Abrams easy.
10- If Russian stuff is OP why does it die as easily as American & German stuff?

Try play USA with 25% win rate, even with 5 seconds reload u can get a better win rate.

I came to the same conclusion. If this guy wants to tell me that my life experience isn’t real then why bother even trying.

…well, in a game where the top speed of the T-34 is based on an account from when they dropped one from a cliff and reached 55 kph before smashing against the ground like a watermelon… (j/k, but, 55 kph for the average T-34? Guess it floats when the Panther reaches that speed ingame and still haves a gearbox the next second, this is a game after all)

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