Top BR for AIR RB should be increased to 12.3

As i stated in the title, the TOP BR for AIR RB should be increased to 12.3, stuff like F-4E with no PD radar, no all aspect missiles, and limited range A2A missiles should not face Planes that : Outturn, outclimb, outgun, outrange (so basically out EVERYTHING) them. There is 0 counterplay vs 12.0 TOP BR planes in 11.0 planes, if the enemy is competent and sees you.

My suggestion : Increase the BR of :

All F-16s, MIG-29s, F-14B, MIRAGE 2000-5F

TO 12.3

JA-37D, F-4EJ KAI, F-14A , MIRAGE 2000C-S5

TO 12.0

  • YES, I like these changes
  • NO, I love compression

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The only jets that Really stand out as needing a higher BR right now are the Mig 29’s and the F-14b, everything else seems fine at 11.7-12.0, I’d say wait a major update or two when more strong top tier jets are added.

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you cant tell me f-16 does not need to be 12.3. It has worse radar missiles than mig-29 but better ir missiles, and is the best turner at top tier.

I would honestly say it should be at least 12.7 and move all the F-14s, mig-29s and F-16s to it.

Then we can make current 12.0s to 12.3 or 12.7

Both F-14s and the F-16 absolutely need to go higher.

We have so many useless aircraft in the 11.0-11.7 range and moving those jets up will help so much.

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I could see F-14a going up to 12.0 if the BR ceiling was raised, but the F-16’s are not top dog, I’d say the ADF should get the AOA limiter removed since no other plane in the game has it, and then it will have the performance for 12.3, A variant and Netz can stay at 12.0 since they only get IR missiles.

The F-14s have no business being at their current BRs right now. They are outright better than nearly everything they see.

The F-16, even with the FBW, is still amazing. I’m working on the block 10 now because from what I hear it’s actually better then the 15.

It’s about moving jets that are absolutely stomped by these amazing jets.

I guess 12.3 for fighter aircraft toptier equipped with all-aspect IR maneuvering capability 32G-40G with IRCCM and carries 4 & 6 medium-range ARH BVRAAM

And attack aircraft toptier mounted all-aspect IR AAM with IRCCM, modern targeting pod and medium to long range guided Air-to-Ground ordiance

I’d be alright with the F-16 adf being moved up, but only with the aoa limiter being removed, I get that the point of decompression is to help the stuff that’s being squashed by top tier, but I’d prefer some of the top tiers that aren’t the absolute meta be good too, I might do it something like this as an example

Br cap increased to 12.7

F-16ADF/MLU (all nations) 12.0 → 12.7, AOA limit removed

F-16a/Netz 12.0 → 12.3, AOA limit removed

F-14a 12.0–> 12.3

F-14b 12.0–> 12.7

Yak 141 12.0 → 12.3

Mig 29 (all nations) 12.0 → 12.7

Mirage 2000C-S5/5F 12.0 → 12.3

This way the F-14b and Mig 29, which are the best top tiers are moved up, and the less competitive top tiers are still moved out of 11.0 mm without being made obsolete.


That’s reasonable but I really think the F-16 as it currently stands is fine going up in BR with everything else. It still is extremely capable and is used a lot.

Why not go to 13.0 now and create some room for serious decompression?

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I guess 13.0 maybe early 4++ gen fighter aircraft toptier in rank IX

13.0 feels like it would be reserved for something like a later Mig 29 or F-16 variant, as it stands I don’t think even the top dogs in the current meta are deserving of a full 1.0 increase.

I should have also restated that I’d want this BR cap to increase with the addition of more 12.7 grade fighters so that there’s some variety at the top, just to name a few examples, the Ja 39a, and the J-10a, F-15a, and maybe a Flanker, wouldn’t want the F-16’s to be totally outclassed into the future because of a game mechanic that only affects it, so I felt it would be fair if the AOA restrictions were removed.

I guess 13.0 maybe new rank IX for early 4++ gen fighter aircraft with PESA & AESA radar and semi-stealth technology

Personally, I think that 12.7 might 4th gen fighter aircraft carries 8 & 10 medium-range ARH BVRAAM

I said 12.3 because i know gaijin will never increase top BR more than 0.3 in 1 patch, they just wont, we’d be lucky if they increased top br to 12.3 , 12.7 is just dreaming

If that’s the case then F-16ADF variants to 12.3 only if they get AOA limiter removed, and A variants stay at 12.0 on account of only having IR missiles.

Would have agreed with F-14B going up at the time of post, probably to 12.7, but it looks like Gaijin messed with the F-14’s radars so I’ll hold judgement on that for now until they fix them.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Yak 141 to 12.3, because R-27er and amazing acceleration, but if the BR cap is raised futher, it can stay at 12.3 because it isn’t quite as good as the Mig 29.

For aircraft toptier rank 8, if fighter aircraft with IR AAM with IRCCM & early medium-range active radar homing BVRAAM

Personally, I think at least battle rating for Air RB & Air SB increase to 12.3 Q3 or Q4

If Yak-141 Air-to-Air Missile full loadout add R-73 & R-77, I guess minimum 12.3 and F-14B could get AIM-9M & up to 12.3

i love playing mig21bis vs f14 / f16 / mig29 :)
so balanced

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Somewhat unrelated, but I kinda agree with this sentiment if it’a unironic, I lile seeing what I can do with weaker vehicles playing an unorthidox strategy to surprise my opponents.