Too many planes

A lot of people say that CAS is bad because you die to it without a counter play, and while thats a case a lot of the time people seem to forget one of the biggest downsides to people plane rushing: not contributing to the game

If i had a nickel for every time i lost a game because half my team was in aircraft and lacked the skill to actually do anything meaningful which means no matter how many tanks they kill

If there are more then maybe 2 aircraft up in the mid game almost always the game is lost, simply because we cant hold caps while the other team can

Now mind you im playing a lot of 10.0 when i say this, so this is probably not true in higher and lower tiers, where as long as aircraft dont get shot down by pantsirs they usually can just nuke the team back to spawn

There are two active topics that you can use … why a new one?


both of those threads are active discussions on either being anti cas or how to fix cas

im more bringing up the not often vocalized point that too much cas is bad for both teams, while the other threads are basically full of people suggesting how to fix an issue, or complaining about a well known part of the cas problem

its not illegal to make new threads

So you want to discuss a problem without finding a solution? Why talk about it?

That’s not true. It has been discussed here very often in recent months.

The other topics differ in one important respect. They offer suggestions for solutions while you are only concerned with the complaint. So your “topic” is actually limited to a contribution that would have fitted in well with the existing topics.

And as for “illegal” … who said that? Just because I say “Hey look, there are already topics!”
I’m not a moderator here. But my experience in the last 300+ days here in the forum tells me that sooner or later it won’t go on here.


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If my comments about how a forum usually works seem hostile to you, then you should think about whether this is the right place for you.
To then accuse me of flagging it is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.
You created the topic to start a discussion? About what? That there are many aircraft in GRB. We all know that. And now?
You don’t tell me how to behave here. And who are you to presume to accuse me of certain patterns of behaviour when I have simply given you a hint about other existing topics while at the same time switching into “freak-out mode”?
I wish you a lot of fun with your super topic …


The only hostile person here is you.


It seems that we are back in another cas thread spam season.


I can understand the frustration on this topic. But it doesn’t get us one metre further. If we don’t even have a healthy community here in the forum, how can we even begin to be able to make a difference here together?
The 1000th topic about CAS won’t change that.
If even the reference to already existing topics is considered toxic … what comes next?
My topic identifies itself as a political discussion but it’s actually about how to pickle cucumbers?


We are, and it will never end until Gaijin addresses it.

It’s a real issue which isn’t going away.

As much as I am in favour of changes to CAS, the striking silence on the part of the developer leaves little hope for change.
And what you can also try to understand is this. Gaijin can do whatever they want with the game. Whether that is good or bad is another matter.
Choose with your playtime or your wallet. This is a language that companies understand in the end.
The written word, the miserable long circular discussions have only one effect. That we are busy constantly attacking each other without achieving any added value.
The constant opening of new topics on the same subject doesn’t change anything. It is a childish reaction of defiance that at best only demands work from the moderators.
How do we want to achieve something like this as a community? We rarely agree on anything at all. Only in the rarest of cases do we manage to somehow put our own egos aside and fight for a united victory. When I think about how often I’ve been pushed around in the last two days by someone who has just spawned and I unfortunately pass in front of their vehicle at that moment … Yeah, fine … CAS is supposed to be a problem? Sometimes I can’t even laugh about it anymore …
God, now it’s escalated again … Have a nice weekend everyone.

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And refusing to use the active topics on the forum does what exactly for the various issues?

Yeah that’s one of the reasons I hate playing with Germany on my team. 90% of the matches start off great . . . untill they die, all spawn CAS, and all die in extremely dumb ways.