Tokushu Heiki: F-100F Super Sabre

The F-100F is a twin-seater version of the well-known Super Sabre jet fighter, developed with a focus on combat training operations. Soon, you’ll be able to obtain this unique aircraft by taking part in the upcoming Tokushu Heiki event!

F-100F, jet fighter, China, rank VI. Event vehicle.


  • Superb flight characteristics.
  • Versatile weaponry.
  • Supersonic.

In response to high accident rates after its introduction to service, believed to be caused by inexperienced pilots, the USAF ordered the construction of a dedicated twin-seat trainer version of the F-100 Super Sabre. However, what was initially conceived as a trainer conversion quickly evolved into a dedicated combat trainer variant of the aircraft. The first production unit of the aircraft, designated F-100F, flew in March 1957 and featured similar performance characteristics as the F-100D albeit with a reduced forward-facing armament and payload. In total, over 330 F-100Fs were built.

A unique version of the Super Sabre jet fighter coming to the game as the main prize for pilots in the upcoming Tokushu Heiki event — which will start on September 26th! The F-100F is a further development of the familiar F-100 Super Sabre which features some handy upgrades over the original model, and will arrive as an event vehicle in the Chinese aircraft research tree. Let’s dive into the details!

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On a surface level, the F-100F inherits many of its characteristics from the F-100A variant available to Chinese pilots while introducing a twin-seat cockpit. This in itself increases its survivability, as it can remain controllable even with one pilot knocked out. However, this is not the only improvement introduced by this particular variant. The F-100F has the ability to mount the powerful AGM-12 Bullpup — as well as conventional weapons on its six hardpoints, which can also carry a variety of regular bombs, as well as FFAR rockets, drag retarded bombs and incendiary bombs! On the other hand, these upgrades come at the expense of a slightly less powerful fixed armament, resulting in the F-100F only carrying two 20 mm cannons, thus slightly limiting its capabilities in traditional gun dogfights.

Since the F-100F was not equipped with flares, we’ve decided not to add the AIM-9P air-to-air missile to this aircraft, which would have caused its Battle Rating to increase. Increasing the F-100F’s Battle Rating would mean that it would not have been available to use in many suitable ground RB lineups. The F-100F is better suited in the CAS role over jet fighter role over the standard F-100A in the Chinese research tree.

The unique F-100F Super Sabre is arriving soon to reinforce the higher ranks of the Chinese aircraft research tree as part of the Tokushu Heiki event. Eager to add it to your collection? Then keep an eye out for the event news post, scheduled to be published on September 25th. See you in the skies!


It would have been nice to see the main prize for pilots (presumably unlocked by playing in air battles) actually be a plane that adds something to air battles. For the last few events all we have had is CAS planes that feel more like a 2nd reward for ground players than something actually meant for air.
Other than the camos this is just an inferior F100D

Or rather than removing Aim 9Ps you could add flares and keep the 9Ps making this into a much more interesting plane that brings something new to air battles


Great Communication! Thank you for explaining in Advance why Decisions regarding Armament were made and when to expect detailed News about the Event, Awesome. ♥


Will this finally be the first crafting event to allow SimEC players to participate? We’ll see if Gaijin holds true to their word.


It would’ve been fun and interesting to see this thing with AIM-9J/P’s but thanks for explaining as to why it’s being kept at its br.


The event name, “Tokushu Heiki” (special weapons) is Japanese!
Does this mean that the main reward is Japanese weapons?


Don’t add ahistorical flares.
9Ps and no flares would still be very effective for 10.0, however, and could be an option for a more realistic aircraft.


would rather have it with 4 9ps at 9.7 than 4 9es at 9.0 (it’s going to be 9.0, as all event plane such as the f4d and f111) since it’s a worse saber, both lesser guns and 2 seater so less flying performance.
what does “Tokushu Heiki” mean in japanese?

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Id have to disagree with that, the F100D at 9.3 is already frustrating to play against missiles such as the R60, R60M, Aim 9L,G,D and J due to its lack of flares, id much rather see this plane be balanced and enjoyable than slightly more realistic.

special weapons 特殊兵器

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they talked about having something in store about a japanese spaa but stayed very elusive, so i hope we’re not getting a much needed spaa as an event reward.

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No it will not lmao

Even more new planes without the JAS39 for Sweden…

F-100F could be 9.7 in rank 6



Would 4 x AIM-9P’s at 9.7 be too much?

With the exception of the easy to avoid A-10 and Su-25 what vehicles at 10.3 or below have R-60Ms and AIM-9J or Ls (for fighting with 9.3 F-100)? Also, the AIM-9P is in-game exactly identical to the 9J (IRL it was slightly better). There’s no need for flares for the F-100F if it was 10.0 with AIM-9Ps. The F-4C hasn’t flares and only has AIM-9Es and rather ineffective AIM-7Ds yet it is still viable at 10.0. The F-104J and G (China) are at 10.3 and 10.7 respectively and have AIM-9J/Ps with no flares, and those only suffer a standard Minor Nation Gajined™️ amount.

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F4C is one of the worst 10.0s if not the worst and cannot go down only due to the fact it has too much ordinance to be matched again 8.7 and 9.0 regularly. And f100 matched almost every round against mig21smt, f5c and f8? They outclass it in every single aspect

Hmm, based on the name. Hopefully the Ki-48 with its guided bomb will also come.

First of all have you played the F-4C because that thing is the perfect example of why adding another 10.0 without flares is a stupid idea, its near enough unusable.
2nd the F-100D faces: F8U2 and F8E with Aim 9D, 9C. The A10 and A10 late with 9Ls (which cannot always be avoided with the state of the spotting system right now). The AV8C and AV8A with aim 9Gs, The A7D with 9Js, The A6E with 9Ls, The Mig21 MF with R60s, the hunter F58 with 9Js, the F4F early with 9Js, Yak38M, Mig21 SMT, Su17M2, SU25, SU25K, sea harrier FRS1, Harrier GR3, Jaguar GR1 and GR1A… and thats just the fisrt 4 nations

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