Tokushu Heiki: F-100F Super Sabre

Yes. F-4C is one of my favourite aircraft in the game. It doesn’t struggle with its lack of flares except against those damn MiG-21S’s with R-3Rs in a head on. I had forgotten the A7D and F58 had AIM-9J, but other than those two and the A-6E which is just another A-10, every vehicle you listed is either above 10.7 (9.3 cannot fight them), has easy to avoid missiles, or is too slow to actually be a threat in most situations against even a low supersonic aircraft like the F-100. I’d argue the F-100F would be more effective than the already decent (but not great) F-4C at 10.0.
Whether the F-100F is 9.3 without 9Ps or 10.0 with, it should not be arbitrarily given flares for “balance”. Because at that point why not just give every aircraft flares? Why not give every aircraft whatever missiles Gaijin wants? Why not just go full WoT and BS performance entirely for “balance”? I’d rather have accurate vehicles balanced using the BR system than have inaccurate vehicles for the sake of the BR system.

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No flares, no missiles ‘to keep the BR lower’ yet you’ll still be matched against planes with flares and missiles and that are twice as fast, have fun grinding this hunk of junk.

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i dont know what to say to you, other than maybe try a better plane than the F4C, all the planes i listed are 10.3 or below in air RB, and id invite you to come and try and dodge some of those other missiles in a custom battle in your F4C if you are interested?
Edit: fyi there are already some other planes with unrealistic flares, missiles or flight preformance for balance reasons such as the F5C and the J8F

Sure ;)

So a fews weeks ago, this pic showed up in the Chinese community.
Whoever “leak” it, claimed it was the crafting event.

砍扣累 which I am still trying to figure out what the first means since it does not exactly the name of the vehicle.
鲶鱼 for catfish, cause the F100 looks like it.
4星重巡 means 4 starts heavy cruiser, probably another ship that already exist in another game?
铁棍 for iron bar, somehow the only thing that comes to my mind is the LOSAT MGM-166, cause it is a iron bar that flys :D



can someone find the olivia leaks, she mentioned losat, m109a1, and other thing that i don’t remember (it was on a matawg video if i’m not mistaken)

So if anyone is wondering he went 1 for 3 with AIM-9Ds and 4 for 9 with AIM-9Ps. In dogfight scenarios, 0 for 2 with 9Ds and 2 for 4 with 9Ps. In tail chase scenarios, 1 for 1 with 9Ds and 2 for 5 with 9Ps (I was getting into my groove by that point). Take from that what you will.

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I think it could be the SPAA this time, I hope I’m wrong

i think the main takeaway is: could the F100F at 9.7 or 10.0 manage without flares: probably yes, would it be fun to fly: no. even if you can dodge the missiles about 60% of the time, and fair play to you for that, there are just too many things with too many missiles that you cant always dodge.

Partly for the sake of making this event reward more interesting and unique i would rather see it be unrealistic and have flares added to it (along with its aim 9Ps) than to let the vehicle suffer in the name of realism

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Air reward being only useful as CAS option is such a middle finger to both AIR RB players and Ground RB players who don’t play planes.

Would be hilarious if the SPAA that Japan players have asked for a long time will be an grinding event reward. Shows how much Gaijin really didn’t learn from review bombing

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yep, i said so earlier and also hope i’m wrong.

At what BR? 10.3? 10.0 with 9Ps and flares would be broken. At 10.3 it’d be balanced and on par with say the A7D, but the flight performance would be a brick compared to MiGs.

Hunter F58 is 9.7 with 9Js and flares, so F100F with the same is potentially a bit faster and depending on how heavy it is, it would fit in at either 9.7 or far more likely 10.0. something like the f8u2 is 10.0 with 4 9Ds and flares and simmilar capabilities in a dogfight

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I’m honestly really wanting this Super Sabre now! Sadly it’s a crafting event so I don’t think I’ll be able to get it, unless I spend money, does anyone have an estimate on how much it would be to buy?

on the market it would probably go for somewhere in the range of 25-40 Gaijin coin, maybe even as low as 20 if the event isnt too hard and not many people want it

Because it is a crafting event, I would expect there to be parts available correct? For example you need 3x something to craft an F-100, how much do you think they would go for? Also thank you for your answer.

The YaK-41 never carried R-60Ms and the F-5C never had countermeasures in real life yet they have it in-game, why can’t the F-100F carry flares since chaff pod is generally a closer thing to have rather not to have.

A F-100F with flares and AIM-9P would actually be something I’d consider grinding especially since it would be a 10.3 or 10.0 F-100.

Personally I don’t think it needs flares, but I do think it needs AIM-9P, I wouldn’t be opposed to it getting flares, I just don’t think it needs it. I am however quite annoyed that their reason for not giving it 9P is “No flares lol”


usually the parts actually cost more overall since people end up needing one or two more of them to finish their own one off, but if you do want to grind part of the event yourself and buy the rest of the parts that should work out a bit cheaper (or a lot cheaper depending on how much you grind)