Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Gets added to the German Tree

The spin stabilises the shell during flight. HEAT is fin-stabilised because spin actually diminishes its performance. The rotation forces the explosive energy outwards but you want it to be as focussed as possible. For HE that doesn’t matter.


Yeah, most shell types only need aerodynamic stability which is why fins work well, but HESH benefits from being gyroscopically stabilised to give a more consistent interaction between the head an the target, the explosives would scatter more if it was only fin stabilised

We try a guess in autumn event gaijin migh consider aircraft rank 7 or rank 8 from China or Swedish or UK or USA ?

Im expecting some kind of Su-25 Variant to be honest

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Woo! I knew it, AIM-9P’s too!

Nvmd lol

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So event vehicle as a fighter aircraft rank 6 for china tech tree but not rank 7

“Since the F-100F was not equipped with flares, we’ve decided not to add the AIM-9P air-to-air missile to this aircraft, which would have caused its Battle Rating to increase.”

Watch them add flares to the F-15


What were the rumoured vehicles for event besides F-100F?

Aww, too excited read properly

It was just the F-100F and the A-29 tubo prop.


Unfortunately not

How Long Till next -50% Sale? Got a long list of GE vehicles.

Man if they add Turbo props it will open so many doors

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Should be late october, early november at the very latest.

Another insufferable crafting event with a lame reward? Insane

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I met you in a grb match yesterday. You were using a M18

From dev server Datamine → 2 day ago

  • Interesting CDK addition : UHQ textures for ROCAF F-100F