Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

So event vehicle as a fighter aircraft rank 6 for china tech tree but not rank 7

“Since the F-100F was not equipped with flares, we’ve decided not to add the AIM-9P air-to-air missile to this aircraft, which would have caused its Battle Rating to increase.”

Watch them add flares to the F-15


What were the rumoured vehicles for event besides F-100F?

Aww, too excited read properly

It was just the F-100F and the A-29 tubo prop.


Unfortunately not

How Long Till next -50% Sale? Got a long list of GE vehicles.

Man if they add Turbo props it will open so many doors

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Should be late october, early november at the very latest.

Another insufferable crafting event with a lame reward? Insane

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I met you in a grb match yesterday. You were using a M18

From dev server Datamine → 2 day ago

  • Interesting CDK addition : UHQ textures for ROCAF F-100F

Tokushu Heiki?

Also this is the first time I think an event blog has came the day after a Major update

Tokushu Heiki event — which will start on September 26th!

Then keep an eye out for the event news post, scheduled to be published on September 25th. See you in the skies!

Not sure of that was me, I am stranded at my new place without any Internet until the weekends. Did not Play since Sunday. So unless my account got hacked, it could not have been me.

Maybe Japan will finally get a proper SPAA…as an Event Exclusive

Maybe a SK Turbo prop ?

So the ground gift will be MGM-166?

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