TOG II BR poll (RB battle rating)

  • 4.3
  • 4.7
  • 5.0
  • 5.3 (current as of 11/11)
  • 5.7

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I really want to see how far down people want this thing, (and if there’s anyone who thinks it should go up).

It’s larger, slower, less armoured, but with a bigger gun compared to the Churchill Mk 7. If the maus is stil 7.7 then the TOG can be at either 4.7/5.0


I just witnessed someone go 22 - 0 in the TOG 2 in GRB.
That is all.

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Still wanna stand by that?

People just wasted 2 weeks grinding the stupid thing, of course they’re going to vote for keeping it at 4.7

Should be in the tech tree like the Char 2. With all the typical German mains and the Tog fever grinding anything else is just pain. Mostly because of the typical German mains.

Did anything change?

It’s configuration in this game puts it around 5.0 imo that gun alone makes it hard to argue should be 4.7 and the gun, armour and crew number combined says better then 4.7 but 5.3 is a stretch so 5.0 seems right.

I kneel

I’m thinking 5.3 is fine, since this was a full uptier too.

TOG is fine at 5.3 with the armor buffs. The 3.7" QF is very potent at that BR and the gun handling is excellent. Remember the Black Prince is at 6.0 with similar mobility and and somewhat comparable survivability.

Aside from the fact that its actualy a good tank and IS doing just fine at 5.3? Nothings changed about it.

It doesn’t matter - it’s a meme tank.
No one really expects it to be something you’re actually going to play, other than once in a while, and then just for shit’n giggles.


If Tiger I is 5.7 so why not TOG II…almost same year of development.
Lets enjoy WWII tanks HEATFS ammo machinery from Gaijin…for the “balance” ofcourse.

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Year of development doesn’t matter for BR lol.

Yes I know ,but it is just a mention…
…so just because Tiger I is better project than TOG II (from the same time period) so Tiger I will face against post war amunition. This “balance” just bring mess to the trees. They are not mixing apples with pears ,but also with strawberries and other fruits togehter. Remember the time when Tiger II opponent was T-10M and it was “normal” for a long time ,madness.

It’s not like the TOG can’t face HEAT-FS either, there are numerous 6.3 vehicles with the round. Hell, there are a few at 5.7 with HEAT-FS. Moving it up wouldn’t change much, other than force it to fight Tiger IIs.

TOG II can be easily penetrated by 3.7 tanks and doesn’t have a gun that makes one shots insanely common since it’s solid shot

No reason for it to be 5.3

So you propose we put the togii with 100mm of frontal armor and 76mm of side armor, and 127mm of turret face and 88mm of turret sude armor.

Against the 4.0 and 3.7 shermans with 104mm of flat pen at 10m and at just 300m or so cant even pen the flat part of the UFP?

And the 4.0 and 3.7 russian guns which have 96mm of flat pen at 10m meaning unless these players take apcr the togii is literally unkillable frontally.

The french at least have the arl-44 acl-1 that can actually do something about the togii.

At least the swedish have the pvkv 2 at 4.0.

And its a good thing britain is always paired against germany so its armor is easily penned at 3.7 every battle.

[Reddit - Dive into anything](Year of development is an awful way to balance )

Oh and its got 27° per turret rotation speed. Which makes it near spaa levels of fast.

Its slow speed makes its gun essentially stabilized, like the maus.

And its got over 200mm of pen.

And a 6 second reload with an ace crew.