TK on takeoff is really getting old

There are so many threads on this, there is a major thread on this. When will we get a better & permanent solution for spawn rage team killing?

@Stona_WT do we have a answer or idea from the Devs & Community Management?


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Did you report them via the replay system?

Also, they have recently changed the system to be better for the teamkilled with free repairs instead of charging you for the death.

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I have, though really wanna know if we have a end-goal in sight to end this type of behavior.

The answer you seek may be here: Team killing policy - follow up thread. Hope you find what you are looking for there.

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What I meant :)

Realistically, I see no reason why weaponry needs to be functional for the first minute of the match timer. Just disable guns/missiles for the first minute, and the majority of the problem goes away.

But just like disabling fail squads in Air RB bringing stuff like Catalinas to top tier by having a squad BR difference cap, easy fixes is not something the snail does.

Thing is we should remove the actual cause of the problem, the person who’s being a dip…

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Dont think you should disable weapons, just make everyone invincible, then the morons waste their ammo as well as nothing happens.

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