Time to stop the one death game exits

This has become a major issue. If you exit a game with vehicles left then you need to have ALL nations locked for 10 mins. Snail needs to fix this its disrupting game play very badly.


So rather than people leaving matches they don’t want to rejoin people now do single vehicle lineups and guarantee single spawn every match so congrats, you’ve made it worse


Where is the point in rejoining a lost game?


Yea, just punish players more, that’s just what WT needs. Whatever you do, don’t for one minute try to think of ways to incentivise staying in game after first death.


You are negative record, why do you want people to carry you

just stop planes, spawnbombing and spawncamping and SPAA abuse as tankdestroyer instead of doing their ment to do job in ground battles and maybe the people will think a second before leaving the match after first death.


I mean you somewhat have a point but not really…


Most people leave matches due to the nations that they are teamed with. They do it for challenges and medals or like maps it just depends on the person really…

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(Mostly for medals since people wanna be show offs)

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Yes please, then i’ll stop doing it


I think this wouldn’t fix it, the root of the problem lies in a mix of things;

  1. Cost of use (although this is being fixed largely thanks to the econ changes)

  2. Line-up availability. This is the big factor ATM, many of the 1 death quitters are people whose only vehicle of that BR or Rank is a premium or squad vehicle

  3. Slow vs Fast games. People are impatient, especially with TikTok and such rotting people’s attention spans more and more, people don’t like long games and much prefer the ‘fast’ serotonin burst they get from rushing in head first and leaving to the next game when they die

  4. WoT converts/New players. In WoT you only live once, so a lot of new players coming from that game may make line-ups built on that idea of spawning only once

  5. CAS Spammers. LOTS of people intent to spawn in a CAS vehicle and the tank is only a temporary vessel to achieve the CAS spam

  6. Fear of Loss. A lot of people don’t like sticking around for losing games, so if they feel the game is a lost cause they may just leave, this is a problem in pretty much all competitive games

Some of these are problems that cannot be fixed, but of the ones that can be fixed some solutions (I think) that could work are;

  1. Cost of Use. This one is being fixed already, so mark as solved, at least for now

  2. Line-up Availability. This is also planning to be fixed by giving premium more back ups, so that should help somewhat. Personally I feel there should also be some kind of block in place so that they can’t use premiums unless they have 1 other vehicle of that rank or higher, but that would be a bad business decision so likely not happening

  3. Slow vs Fast games. You can’t fix impatience, at least we can’t expect War Thunder to, but maybe they could offer some kind of reward for sticking around a game longer that gives the same kind of ‘fast action feel’ these types seek

  4. WoT Converts/Newbies. Learning required, fixes itself with time

  5. CAS Spam. Nerf CAS, increase its spawn cost substantially, buff SPAA somehow. CAS is a whole other can of worms tbh, but making CAS a less viable option would realistically be the only fix there

  6. Fear of Loss. A hard one to fix because if you could pretty much any competitive game would have done something by now, crew locks are what War Thunder does, but if you only use 1 vehicle and it dies of natural causes then it can’t be crew locked (in normal circumstances) So maybe encouraging sticking around.


On my team I would prefer a ODL who gets 2 kills instead of someone who dies 3 times and gets 0 kills. Which I had in several games yesterday. Look at player performance before ranting about ODLs.

For what it is worth, people bail out for multiple reasons. Smashing them all with the ban hammer or similar will merely drive players away. There is plenty more to focus on before worrying about ODLs (like crap maps/rubbish map filter).

Have fun. It’s only a game.


I play almost exclusively up to BR 3. 3 because I still have halfway fun there. I also have hardly researched vehicles about it because it takes without Premium very long to research a vehicle “combat-ready” and you have in this time absolutely no fun with the “useless” vehicles and there are enough cases in which I’m shot down by the “newcomers” because you need them much more hits than with “old hands” because they have a puppy protection they often recklessly put at risk because they race too fast through the BR’s instead of the vehicles exactly know and learn to play. a level 100 player can be shot down on BR 1.3 as easily or as badly as on 10.0.

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You’ve been watching me die play, obviously…

I learned it by my self the hard way : )

Most quit after one death because of a valid reason. Usually WT BS. Like a tank surviving multiple crit hits just to turn around and 1 shot you as if they had taken no damage. I get why people quit. But the solution is not to punish players who do so. Its to fix the game / Insentivise people to stay


And you have to remember that there are still nations that have only one techtree vehicle on a BR level and not everyone goes with e.g. a BR2.3 and Br 2.7 or BR 2.7 and BR3.0 vehicle in the same setup in the match-I have as far as possible only one BR in the setup and if the BR has only one techtree vehicle I am just out if this was destroyed-not everyone has vouchers-not everyone wants to spend them on any vehicle but maybe they save them for exploring the new vehicles, etc.

No it’s not, and you’re wrong, better solution would be enabling “Join ongoing battle” where you can join mid match and your score + activity time will be readjusted as if you were joining the game from the first place.

Exactly: an incentive to stay, not the threat of a kick in the face if you don’t.

As I understand it, RP/SL rewards in each vehicle are points scored multiplied by duration of life. What if each minute of the game gave slightly more reward than the previous minute, so that time towards the end of a game was worth more? If it was too difficult to have a different multiplier for every minute of the game an alternative would be a simple multiplier based on time of last death/mission end.

Players leave because they perceive no point in remaining - especially in a losing game when you’d be better off spending the time in a new game with 50-50 chance of getting the win bonus. If spending time in your current game might be more rewarding, even on a defeat, more players would consider a respawn - but no one is forcing them to do so.


Most of the maps are so bad that there is no point spawning 2nd time since you cant leave your spawn anyway like mozdok for example and some of the maps are just too big for some BRs.
Also with some lineups when you get full uptier you might find that only one of your tanks can actually do something in this battle against enemy vehicles for example 6.3 US against 7.0 USSR.