Time for things to change

Fellow WT players. Take the time to watch this


The greed has gone on for too long

Lmao i just watched it before coming here, XD

anyway, ur right

What greed? That video showcases zero greed. All effective CAS is tech tree, not premium.
On top of that, the video is wrong.
The best tanks in War Thunder are the heavies and MBT-like tanks.
Light tanks are notoriously mid due to low rewards from scouting.

The dude even talks about objectively worse game modes as an alternative to conquest…


lmao braindead take


I’m sorry, which tanks hold the highest KDRs in War Thunder? MBTs, heavies, and Jagdpanzer IV.
Even medium tanks hold higher objective scores over light tanks.
The most OP light tank in War Thunder, M24, doesn’t even match the performance of those tanks.


didnt help your case

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So you mean like when i voice my opinion that the game is not worth being upset over and if your not happy stop playing, people condemn my opinion because apparently my opinion is not as valid as yours?


You are so original !!! you must be a professional!! So many people wish they could have such brilliant comebacks as you!!! Man just waiting for the "i know you are but what am i " response from you now so you can take your crown

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You see , the way you’re phrasing it right now , you try to make yourself to the others that you actually care about the OP mental health and well being , while you actually don’t . Don’t try that bs mate .

The game is in this position because people forced Gaijin to do something , people voiced their opinion , posted photos , memes , threats , downvoted the game ratings etc. . Saying “if you don’t like it , stop playing it .” , come on bro … lmao

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If you are not happy with the comments in this thread leave. This thread is not life or death.

I could care less about you or the op mental health. Not any part of my post did it say i care so dont try this white knight got you moment bullshit. Lets see, when did the game get attention from the company to make change… oh thats right when they started loosing money. Not playing, not buying they made changes to the game the community wanted. having a post saying " this is gone on long enough" is someone whose frustrated with the game and what they frustrated with is the core of the game. The core of the game is not going to change, and it will continue to be frustrating. therefore stop playing a game that is going to continue this frustration.

You don’t have stay gone and can come back when any and if any changes are made but if you not happy with game play simply stop playing its not hard kid.

Posting the same thing twice but with out a quote this time?? Your not even trying now…

To be fair, a massive drop in revenue and player count is the most effect way to get a company to change.

Main issue is getting enough people to follow through with it.

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Bro come on you continue to disappoint me… I know you can do better kid.

Gaijin has taken important steps over the past year to improve the game. There is work to do but War Thunder overall is in a healthier state than it’s ever been. Their next big hurdle will be to rework how CAS is used in GRB especially at top tier. It’s a hard job but I have faith that Gaijin legitimately wants to improve player experience.

This is honestly one of the most goofy things I hear on the forums, have you seen every other thread? A majority of posts are just people voicing their concerns and issues with the game.

The most popular Machinery of War thread is the Challenger 2 discussion thread, and trust me any post that isn’t talking about technical info is complaining about how poorly it’s modelled and shitting on Gaijin.

The next one is the state of Germany, and the literal first reply to it is.

The state of Germany is a sick joke, and as of this moment, I don’t even see a reason to play Germany with the way its being treated.

At this point I am convinced that Gaijin goes out of their way to bully Germany on purpose (this is half-sarcasm for people who hadn’t had their coffee yet).

In Game Discussion, after all the speculation threads the most popular thread is “Why do CAS players so vocally oppose any suggestions”

I don’t know what “opinions” you think people can’t voice anymore, because I see a lot of them on the forums, and most of them are not positive to Gaijin.


god help you if you find one of the many yes-men

to be honest mid tier needs CAS rebalancing more than top tier

nah, both are in need for some changes but top tier needs entire new vehicles to counter CAS where as mid tier simply needs some BR rearrangements and maybe some soft mechanics like max amount of planes in the air on a team etc