Leclerc tanks modeled to be filled with gasoline

How will me not playing the Leclerc change the way its fuel tank explosion chance is coded ingame?

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It wont, but you wouldn’t have to deal with the issue for a little bit :)

I wouldn’t have to deal with the issue if Gaijin went bankrupt and their servers were turned off either. As it stands they’re a profitable company and are capable of either directing their developers to better the game or hiring new developers who are willing to do so.

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All your comments/posts are negative.
Hence I say take a break.
If you were a crew, I would send you on holiday ;)


Why would I post positive comments about the game on this forum? If I want to post a positive comment I’ll leave a Steam review.

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It is quite a shame that they’ve never implemented flash-proof tanks

You’re giving single tank’s fuel tanks so much care and fuss)))

there is no point of adding that untill Leclerc’s armor is fixed

What’s wrong with it?

even 105mm HEAT one shots it

So…? HE can one-shot many things… That’s kinda the point of realistic modules.

What’s wrong with its DM?

Also its frontal armor isnt modelled. Because of that even the worst apfsds round can pen it and one shot it from front

What frontal armor isn’t modeled? I remember the hull having a rework due to bug reports, and it seems like the turret has quite a bit of composite.

Every tank in the game can be penned from the front by any APFSDS, that has no relation to my question.

The Leclerc’s armor is never going to be fixed. Gaijin is unwilling to model NATO armor using actual performance it would break the game’s balance.

Presumably you mean by any MBT’s APFSDS

The Leclerc’s armor is so poorly modeled the 2S38 can frontally penetrate it.

No, I mean that 60mm M300 can do it.

The 2S38 can frontally penetrate the Abrams, every Leopard variant, the T-80BVM, the T-90A, the Merkava, and so on.
That’s what happens when you have an accurate and modern system.

So you consider breech shots = UFP penetration / LFP penetration / Turret cheek penetration


When did I say that?

Clarify what you mean by “can frontally penetrate”