This game has too many issues to enjoy it anymore

I’ve made this applicable to Arcade Ground Battles because that’s mainly what I played, but a lot of it applies to other modes.

This game has so many issues that are brought up time and time again that seem to get little to no attention from the devs and has gotten to the point where it’s more frustrating to play than fun anymore, in MY opinion, so I’m walking away until something changes (like that’ll happen).

The issues are the usual:

  1. “Team mates” that seem… let’s say… poorly skilled at mid tier (trying to keep it polite). This is getting worse by the day, to the point of calling them “battles” or “matches” being pretty much a misnomer. Game after game ends up with getting swamped by hordes of enemy tanks, even when you’re having a good game, because the rest of the team have died once early and left or already died 3 times, or are cowering behind a rock somewhere.
  2. The usual CAS issues that’ll never get addressed because to do so would upset the air users and that’d cost Gaijin money.
  3. Map design that gets WORSE with most updates DESPITE the multitude of threads begging for something to be done about both the map design AND size.
  4. Weapons that seem to do damage extremely inconsistently. For example, hitting the same spot on the same model tank twice for completely different results. Even more so when you play a booster.
    ARMOUR PIERCING rounds capable of penetrating 100mm or more of tank armour than can’t penetrate some temporary buildings, let alone brick ones.
  5. The matchmaker that seems to far too regularly compose teams with completely different skill levels resulting in most matches being stomp fests that are decided within a few minutes and over not long after.
  6. The ridiculous grind.

There are plenty of other problems with the game, but these are the main ones. Good luck to those that stick it out and no doubt there are plenty who actually enjoy the game despite it’s flaws, but for the multitude of you who keep posting about how frustrated you get playing it, for the sake of your mental health… WALK AWAY! It’s really not worth it and it’s clear it ain’t gettin’ any better anytime soon.


1- Play for yourself and friends. If team mates do well, you have something to be happy about.
2- Maybe dabble in realistic battles, and not 11.7. CAS isn’t every battle and can effectively hide from CAS easier if it does spawn.
3- The worst maps were all released prior to 2020, so I don’t get this one unless you like smaller maps.
4- Then you didn’t hit the same spot, even a mm is a change in position… oh right arcade battles, you physically can’t hit the same spot because gun dispersion is larger in arcade.
5- Match making is indeed random, and if you play for yourself then you can enjoy the vehicles more.
6- 6 months to complete a ground and air tree at 2 hours a day free to play in realistic battles is rough, yes. It’s longer for arcade…


I understand what you’re saying about moving to RB, but I’ve tried it a few times and really struggle because my eyesight isn’t brilliant so I really struggle to spot tanks amongst the bushes etc or at range in RB (let alone those who are plastered with bushes) and this is by far the main reason I play Arcade where the vehicles are effectively spotted for you.

I might give RB another try and see how it goes I guess. Unfortunately it doesn’t change the fact that Gaijin seem to be ignoring the main points I (and countless others before me) have mentioned.


I can understand that but just persevere mate :)

Just obv dont expect the same kind of kill ratio as in arcade at least early on and you’ll be fine.

get a Big monitor and put the monitor right up to your face… plus i mean… glasses.

This is about the only good excuse/reason to play arcade (at least more than a few games here and there)… The rest are just… people who cant handle change or ignorants.

You are supposed to enjoy WT?

There is nothing wrong with being an Arcade player.
I have not noticed any worse toxicity in AB or RB. Which is not saying much…
AB games are faster-paced by design.
They are supposed to be easier to play for those without high-endish hardware.
The grind is suffer no matter what flavor.

I disagree completely, “Arcade” is not the source of the OP’s angst. Nearly everything he stated, and made the point as well, can be applied to any other mode, to a degree. CAS is seen as a problem by MANY players, but I have to assume that the majority of those do not or cannot fly very well, so they do not have that particular tool in their toolbox. A bomb sight/indicator by no means guarantees anything and I am fairly certain that the number of players in RB that splat/nose dive into their grounds targets to assure success would rival the same thing in Arcade. A “green” cross also is not guarantee and you can yeet players with a red cross too, if anything . . it can be a distraction, not nearly the “crutch” you make it to be. Play what you want, that’s what I do and tell everyone else the same thing. Every mode has pros & cons and finding modes that you enjoy playing is the only true & meaningful factor/metric. Changing modes will not help when it is the game, it’s functionality and overall game design that is the source of this player’s frustrations. Gaijin will never be able to please all of it’s customers, we all know that. I really do not see how being condescending and dismissive is going to help this guy in any way myself.


I wasnt being dismissive or condescending thankyou very much.

Arcade bombers are even worse then in RB, because of forced bomb fuzes btw.

Chinese players aren’t a problem, and Gaijin fixes bugs constantly.

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Every reason under the sun to be honest…

There’s a constant blame game here, and it’s common around many here.

I will be as I’m tired of the actual whinge spam.

(Edit - Tired of the false flagging spam too)

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Why’d you even bring that into this thread, the OP said nothing about this.


but the majority are and always will be.

[Ciation Needed™]

OP said this game has too many issues and I was referring to one of the issues I have seen for the last 2-3 years now.

And we can load up as many issues as we want to make ourselves safe by excusing anything we’re doing to make it right?

lol… Seriously, the players do it to themselves half the time…


All doesn’t need to know, but thing is many think they need to tell everyone that it’s the issue.

Just like no one needs to know your opinion of their opinion.
See how that works?

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I’m not the one who’s constantly making out the game is the source of my issues, or that the map is the problem, or that the team sucks, or that the company has it out for me…

See how that works?

If people can’t actually handle that, then maybe they should stop posting about how bad things are and take up knitting whilst they watch thier tanks burn…

(Edit - If false flaggers spent more time actually constructively knitting they may actually have a fresh winter wardrobe)

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Nah, you are the one who is constantly bitching and ankle biting at anyone who disagrees with you and your perceived notions.

Do everyone a favor and take your own advice.

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Well look at you Mr GotAnAssumptionToBringUpAnArgument…

Get wrecked.

(Edit - Funny that I get flagged, and not the ones around me… HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM)

I don’t need to, because I’m not the one complaining about the game… Duhhh…