Team mates making the game impossible to win

Can’t do it. After months away from the game, I came back to find it’s even worse than before. Mind you, I don’t know why I had hopes of it being any different. The amount of games where I’m killing a third a more of the enemy team (arcade ground) and we STILL get stomped is just ridiculous. Between players being just plain clueless and making the EXACT same mistakes over and over, or players just plain giving up after being killed once, the frustration is just too much. All well and good racking up plenty of kills but when you get steamrolled by 8 or more enemy tanks 3 minutes in because the rest of the team is already dead or has given up, it’s just not fun to play.


I guess its just luck because whenever I jumped into 6.7/7.0 arcade playing Germany or USA, always had an equal amount of good games and bad games, but more often more good games and bad ones, br shouldn’t have mattered anyway since both teams has the same enemy types.

I think it’s just the nature of the game, or multiplayer games in general. As much as I place the blame on the matchmaker, it can’t predict if players are going to spit the dummy after dying early and one death leave. Unfortunately, Gaijin have now placed the emphasis so much on completing individual tasks, many of which may not be conducive to helping the team win, that any semblance of team ply that MAY have been there before, has long since fallen by the wayside. That’s fine, but it makes it very disheartening when you are doing well yourself and you look at the minimap and despite only being a few minutes into the game, the rest of the team’s been either wiped out of turned jellyback and left. So many games that are lost could be won if people grew a spine and stuck it out.


Two things…

As there is no skill based matchmaking (that i know of), team quality is random so you should be on the “good” team almost as many times as in the “bad” team…and probably you are (see below). If your win rate is close to 50% all should be well…

When your team is bad (or at least worse than you) you can either die fast because you are unsupported…or actually shine because the others on your team are way worse. So it is “normal” to get more kills when the team is bad. (I know we are doomed when i see myself as the best player on the team :) )


I lost 9 in a row. Then 7 in a row. Then 11 in a row. Every one of them a lopsided, complete blowout.

I’ll head out, set up, maybe get in one kill and then get killed. That normally takes a couple to a few minutes.

By that time, half my team has already died 3 times and is gone from the match already. Games are over in less than 6 minutes with loss after loss after loss.

I’ve quite playing twice the last two days because of it. Just quit again this morning becuase once again the first game out I get killed 2 minutes in and half the team has already died 2 or 3 times and is already gone from the game.

The other team still has everybody.

I’ve never seen anything like it outside of World of Tanks, and I uninstalled that game a long time ago because of it.

I’m about to uninstall this one as well.

EDIT TO ADD: Realistic Ground Battles. RB Air is essentially the same, only I’m almost always the last one left alive facing 9 enemy players alone.


This game’s a lot more involved than a normal shooter and most people can’t put the time in to practice. I’m not going to be mad at someone just because they played a game less than me. I’ve been playing WoT/Warthunder for so long I don’t have to think about hull angling, gun depression, weakspots, etc. I just know them. I have to remind myself sometimes that these things aren’t naturally absorbed with just a few hundred games, especially when these games often push you to learn while driving stock tanks, low level crews, and at a BR disadvantage all the time so it’s hard to get a learning opportunity in.

Edit: I would say that folks who are struggling to keep the company of lower skilled players should try joining squadrons and talk with those people in discord. Communicate with them in a positive and cooperative way and actually be a guide. A man’s home is the house he builds for others.


That’s not the point. The point is: how is it possible to be on that many bad teams in a row?

How can it always be the team you are on that has half of it dead in less than 3 minutes and the other team is all still alive?

Yet again today I’ve lost 7 in a row so far and every time it’s the same thing: the other team is ALL still alive and active while I’m one of only 4 left alive on my team.

Can that happen? Sure. Once in a while. But over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over?

No. Not possible. The law of averages dictates that it simply can not. THAT is the problem.

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Perhaps you need to look more inward then. Not to try and say definitively that you are the problem, but if the math doesnt add up, only you remain as the common factor. Either you need to be more satisfied with your effort so losing doesn’t bother you as much, or you need to improve to meet your expectations.


That’s the same, lame, nonsensical argument the trolls at World of Tanks used.

I represent exactly 6.25% of the team. There is, at best, little true impact I can have on the game. If it’s a close game, then what I do can have an effect - that is, if it comes down to the wire and I have a bad game it can cost the team the win.

Conversely, if it comes down to the wire and I have a good game then it can secure the win.

But when you ARE NEVER, EVER, EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE AT ALL THE ENTIRE GAME then there is NOTHING ON EARTH that I, representing only 6.25% of the team, can do to carry the day when literally 75% of the team is already dead and we’re STILL FACING 80% of the other team that is still alive.

It’s basic math.

Now read that about 10 times and see if any of it sinks in.

You missed the last half of my reply… the more important half.


No, I did not.

Ok good luck then.

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And here’s a typical example in a game I played just now:

Just over a minute in and we’ve already had two guys die once and leave and one guy die twice and leave. Note that the enemy team had a guy that never even spawned once, so they’re down a man before the game started.

Then a few minutes later half the team is gone. I haven’t even been killed once yet.

A few minutes later, over half the team is gone and I have just died for the first time. Note that the other team has only lost 2 players that entire time. (Remember, they had one that never loaded from the beginning.

And of course from there the loss is inevitable.

This doesn’t happen once in a while. It doesn’t even happen often.


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I’ll take matchmaker player performance indexing to make games more even for 1000 SL Alex.

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And here’s the very next game. Same exact thing only it happened to the other team this time:

I’m sorry, but this is inexcusable. If you can’t balance out the game play any better than wipeout win, wipeout loss, then you need to stop what you’re doing, go back to school and learn some basic programming.


This game was SO BAD I couldn’t find anybody to shoot at. I was moving the entire time but too slow to get there before they were all dead.

I play with my friends and I don’t see this problem.

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Custom battles don’t count. :P

Those aren’t custom battles, pal.
At the time when those photos were taken, I had the 879th place out of hundreds of thousands for my monthly winrate in GRB - 74%.

Without tryharding. The secret is - play with your friends.

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We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s just hopeless and it doesn’t matter what you do. You lose and lose and lose, and your team mates are so stupid that it seems like a miracle they even have the brainpower to stay upright.

The only thing that helps is to quit WT and do something else for a while. It’s also much better for both state of mind as well as blood pressure.


Not all of us have 3 friends to play with, and the one or two we do have might not have a mic so impossible to coordinate.

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