This company really doesn't know what it's doing

I think the employees of War Thunder’s company are not playing the game. Why are ZTZ-88 tanks and ZTZ-59D tanks being raised? The first BR was raised to 9.0. In this case, most of the time, if not all the time, I meet tanks like the T-72B and T-72B 1989. Why is this tank, which does not have reactive armor or a powerful projectile, meets tanks that I cannot kill from the driver’s window when he can kill me from a distance of 2000 meters easily? And of course we did not talk about the most cancerous tank In this BR T72 Turms or 2S38 and at the same time the T-55AMD tank which is much better than the ZTZ-88 in the BR-8.7 or the OBJ 435 tank is mine I don’t understand how this company thinks


It is an AUTOMATED Balance system, and then some reviews appears to get done after, but in no way they will change what the automated systems give them.

The Automation is based on in-game results.

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This system doesn’t use statistics, it just uses RNG

This is a very big mistake unfortunately instead of relying on the opinions of the players or testing the vehicles themselves they depend on a system that literally punishes the players because they are good at the game For example I am in battle 12.7 with an puma tank from the world war and i killed 6 tanks Does this make the tank very strong or something like that The idea is that the older the person is in the game the better he is in it


Players dont know better what they want and how to balance the game, your point?
Anything in full downtier suffers not being able to do anything to 1.0 BR higher vehicle, the mattering thing is how many of these in your match, most often you wont meet 1.0 BR vehicle, unless theres more of 1.0 BR tanks than tanks of your BR or between, which is very rare.

What I’m talking about is that at the time of lifting tanks because they are in branch trees, certain tanks in main trees are not touched, for example 2S38 they are too strong to be in the BR 10.0 or a tank like the T-55 AMD is a tank that really spoils the BR-8.7 and many complain that it is strong in this BR but they are not touched or even lifted but at the same time tanks are destroyed permanently like ZTZ-88 BR was raised without adding any modification for her or anything that deserves to make her at this level As for the small number, three examples in the opposing team are much stronger They might change the course of the battle completely And the idea of being unable to do anything is a bad thing man I can’t kill a 1989 T-72 tank from the side with a direct hit to the ammunition.

You do know that practically no light tanks were touched, mostly mediums and MBTs?

Will disagree here, giving it 9.0 would be same unproven as giving mentioned tanks 9.0, yet if Gaijin is doing that, there must a reason, most likely statistics.

1989 T72B has only armour for its BR, horrible scope, no thermals, lacking mobility, rotation rate, gun is alright.

Man the br raises this time made a lot chinese and russian players salty, I LOVE IT , seems like gajin did sth right

I see a lot of people being salty about german vehicles going up, american mains being salty about M26 ans M41 going up, as well as a lot of people being salty about helicopters at 10.0 and after going up in BR. As well as people being salty about 9.0+ light tanks going up in BR. Helicopter and light tanks going up in BR is so needed.

Because that’s where the ZTZ88’s belong. And the ZTZ59D1 went down to 8.3.

With proper long-rod APFSDS, the ZTZ88s have a large advantage over 8.7 tanks like the T-55AMD and Object 435.

Those are good BR changes overall.

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I’m not sure it needs explaining why they can’t make BR changes from player opinion.

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M41 was always used in 6.3 setup. It’s isn’t a problem


Go read how it’s done, not gonna explain to random players willing to randomize more things than it is currently,…

This is absolutely incorrect and you should stop spreading this fake news.

Gaijin uses an Algorithm to help them decide on BR changes. Both need a 100% human imput. The algorithm is nothing more than an excel search function.

Every singe BR change is manually done and approved by the balance team. No Automation fecides on any BR change. BR changes are also not set in stone (See T29 not going to 7.3 but IS6 being added for 7.3 in the last round)

Therr are far to many vehicles in the game which have been overperforming for years for your argument to work.

Gaijin itself labaled it an algorithm. It is stupid players with 0 technical knowledge who started calling it “automation” and others including you picked it up without checking for themselfes.

So no. No BR change is done soley by a Computer. The balancing team just has a system in place which helps them pick up om irregularities faster.


Same thing but with VIDAR and Tiger II.


Because ZTZ-88 fires DM33 equivalent round, a significantly better round than all equivalent 8.7 T-54/55s.

Object 435 and T-55AMD have significantly worse ammunition than ZTZ-88.
ZTZ-88 is superior to both Object 435 & T-55AMD in ammunition.

not so much and i know ztz-88 not bad but vs t-72 it cant in 8.7
and the type-83 is not closs to dm-33 its cope from dm-23
and tam br 8.7 with dm-23 and LRF so idont know realy why its not go up to

T-72B is mean and that should be 10.3 at some point, but I haven’t been using it to force it, and I doubt other players are using it that much either.
TAM is a light tank, which relies on people that know how to play light tanks & not treat it like a ZTZ-88.

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Problem is that the in-game results are not black and white, there are so many factors at play that determine the outcome, just taking the outcome of a match as the ultimate truth is so incredibly short sighted.

Tigers for example have this magical increase in performance in the last month, they went from 1.7 or so, to 2.1 and even peaked at 3.9, more than double their k/d in a little over a month.

Why? How? What explains this?

Gaijin: Ah don’t matter, we don’t care, just uptier it.



Almost like making BR changes amidst two events and a major update whilst also making these weird attempts at decompression is a bad idea.