These BR changes are absolutely ridiculous. Gaijin has zero clue what they're doing

All of these changes in air RB only serve to make the mode far worse and this is almost unanimously agreed upon. We as a community need to be LOUD and VOCAL about how bad this change will ruin air RB even further in the jet brackets. I’m referring to the downtiering and further compressing of the already neutron star levels of compression we already have, specifically the F-86 and MiG-15 downtiers. Even if you DO agree with these downtiers, gaijin is clearly playing favorites and ONLY downtiering major nations and not minor nations. Hunter F1 is simply worse than most of the jets they are downtiering currently yet will stay 9.0 because its british. G.91s of all variety don’t get downtiered because guess what, gaijin doesn’t actually care about korean era jets they just want to make the awful pilots in major nations happy so they keep whaling.

Please keep this discussion going if you care at all about the health of air RB going forward. If this change DOES go through without any adjustments it will 100% pretty much doom air RB to never be decompressed.

Gaijin NEEDS to have DECOMPRESSION as their NUMBER ONE PRIORITY going forward or this problem will fester and boil over to a point where it will simply fully ruin the jet bracket of the game (its already 90% of the way there)


In a related thread “ub3rshadow” said this and i think it perfectly describes the issue as well:


Mig 15 has no place at 8.7 where it fights harriers, 104 and other power creeps

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Incorrect. MiG-15 is one of the best 8.7s and STOMPS everything beneath it easily. The issue is compression and COMPRESSING MORE by moving the MIG-15 down is a braindead move that simply moves the compression downwards. The MiG-15 is where it belongs (in fact in an ideal game it would be much higher BR with better decompression than what we can realistically get out of gaijin…)

Let’s say you get your wish and the 15bis goes to 8.3 again, how exactly are 7.3-8.0 jets meant to win against the MiG-15bis?

FURTHERMORE, why did ONLY the BEST jets in the form of the F-86 and MiG-15/17 etc go down and NOT the FAR WORSE jets in minor nations? Do you really think the 8.7 french and italian jets are better?


Then move the 104 up! The MiG-15 has no place fighting Me-262s, your argument is the exact same one that led to the shitshow that is 8.0-10.0. The F-104 and MiG-21 were balanced at 10.0, then the 30G missiles came along, then the all aspects on terrible platforms came along, and they forced it down because Gaijin insists on balancing by their precious statistics. The same “ vehicle has no place at <X.X>” argument for singular problem vehicles in the past has led them to be downtiered and brutalise dozens of vehicles, instead of just one having a bit of a rough time.

I’m so damn sick of this. I used to love air rb several years back, now I can’t stand it, all because of this stupid fucking balancing because A-10s have to be viable in air-to-air combat, because every early Russian supersonic has to get more R-60s so they can fight the scary all aspects and brutalise subsonics in the process, because a dodgy premium gets added, bought up by noobs and misplayed to the point that its stats are underperforming despite being undertiered.

Take your argument about powercreeps being bad to justify your own vehicle’s powercreep somewhere else, it’s a silly argument. Uptiering overperforming planes is a far, far better solution than downtiering underperforming planes, outside of the few odd cases where something’s genuinely overtiered. The former permanently solves the problem, the latter shifts the oppressed into the oppressor, and the original problem plane stays a problem.

It baffles me how Gaijin can simultaneously create an incredible game with fairly accurate approximations of how hundreds of different aircraft fly, all while packaging it as an accessible game, and then completely drop the ball on balancing. You’ve gotta be smart to be able to develop such a game, they clearly have an understanding of statistics, so how do they keep dropping the ball so badly when even your messy community can come to a consensus about BR compression?

Hopefully next changes the 1 comment 1 suggestion system will help next time, there was a ton of garbage chatter in the BR changes thread that clogged up legitimate discussion and suggestions, but I still doubt they’ll listen to us.


Imagine saying that it has no place fighting ME-262 meanwhile, this is what it used to be back in the old days Early to Mid 2017 and before. Some of those old guards, us from 2017 are the ones who learned from them. Can confirm that if you are turn fighting you will lose to them. Another thing you seem to only have the Me-262A1/U1. A Squadron 262 is known to perform worse at maneuverability cause it is heavier. Which affects its performance.

So? Doesn’t mean they should be fighting now, doesn’t even mean they should’ve been fighting then. There’s a reason up until now they weren’t able to fight each other. I don’t play the 262s, nor do I really know how to play them, but I’m completely confident that they have no place fighting MiG-15s, because I’ve played other, better, planes in the 7.X range that also shouldn’t be fighting the MiG.


If you don’t know how to use them then how can you say that the MIG-15 shouldn’t be fighting them hmm?.

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Because I don’t need to fly it to know that one of the worst jets in the game will get kurb stomped by an already-powerful jet that’s going down? When I’ve flown better jets that also get kurb stomped by the MiG-15 and F-86?


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“It used to be compressed and we coped so you must too!”

No, 262 has no chance equal skill or even as long as the MiG-15 or F-86 just isn’t completely stupid.


Gaijin has no idea what they’re doing?

Gaijin knows exactly what they’re doing. Creating hopeless situations increases player frustration and incentive to grind for the next vehicle they think will make their experience better. It is a fundamental part of War Thunder’s monetization.

If you’re comfortable and having fun, you aren’t spending money.


That’s the dumbest statement I’ve heard since I joined this game. Well not really.
“Cause I don’t fly it doesn’t stop me from saying it’s bad” is simply equivalent to “I don’t know if it’s bad cause I don’t fly it”. Or in simple mid to younger Gen Z terms. Cope and skill issue. Either learn the flaws of the 262 or learn the weaknesses of the MIG-15.

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You don’t have to fly jets to understand their general place in the game’s meta. Stop pretending you do.

MiG-15 literally cannot lose to a Me-262 if the MIG-15 pilot simply understands the basic fundamentals of the MiG-15’s playstyle. Shit, even if you DO fuck up the 262 is still extremely unlikely to be able to capitalize on it.


Yeah and everyone hated it then too I’m surprised you neglected to mention that or how it was eventually changed and only rocket boosted 262s would face MiG-15s.

Jesus christ lmao


Nothing about ground? Not my concern then.

I think there needs to be another round of addressing the BR changes (or lack thereof)

  • Why has the SKR-7 still not been addressed? It has been a problem for years at this point. Yes, I know the ready ammo and resupply was nerfed but that has been largely made up for by the recent HE changes which have benefited the SKR-7 more than any other. The fact that this thing can regularly face RESERVE tier ships is something else.

  • VEAK proxy shell removal, why exactly was this done? I have heard it suggested that the VEAK’s use of a proxy shell is ahistorical, but why was literally nothing said about it?

  • The Sabers and MiG-15s/17s got moved down, but what about all the other first-generation jets of other countries? And why has there been no consideration to how this is going to affect jets like the Me 262 which are already struggling?


Defyn’s response to the updated changes:


Ah, someone that knows what they are talking about.

Google “frustration” in regards to FTP games, you will see that frustration is a key ingredient to a FTP game.

These things and aspects that you think are incompetent are not incompetency but by design.


Excuse me what the actual fuck are you talking about Gaijin? We didn’t say only 9.3 supersonic jets should be moved to higher BR. Community has been asking for years that it should literally move EVERYTHINGS above 9.3 BR of aircraft except old 9.7BR meta jets, including decompression.