These are some BR changes I'd like to see made that I think are fairly "common sense" regarding air RB above 5.0 BR. What are your thoughts? What would you want changed BR wise? Please discuss

All discussion is welcomed.

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Why are you hate Bearcat so much?

Want to start a discussion on it? I’m not sure what you mean.

Moving it from 5.0 to 5.7, its a very serious uptier. Only cannons making B version deserve 6.3

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F8F is very undertiered currently and is overperforming at 5.0. Gaijin has it VERY undertiered.


If american plane cant be overturned by heavy bomber it doesn’t mean that it’s OP

I am not sure what you are trying to say here.

All navy planes before Bearcat don’t have maneuverability, but Bearcat have middle, not the best. And having just normal maneuverability making it op?

I never said why I uptiered the F8F. You are assuming my reasons without even asking.

The plane overall is simply far too strong for 5.0. It lacks downsides. Gaijin heavily undertiered it.


Its very damage sensitive and have only 4 MGs

I don’t think a plane’s damage sensitivity is really a determing factor in its BR unless it’s an attacker or bomber. As a fighter, fights are rarely determined by that. The 4 .50 cal loadout is competitive enough at 5.0.

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You get hit from bomber’s turret? Say bye bye to controls. 4MG is competitive for 5.0 not for 5.7, super corsair compensate lack of 20mm with 6 MGs and big ammo count but F8F have neither of it.

I’d settle for 5.3 but not lower

Agreed. Anyway america don’t have good 5.0 setup, only M4A1 and M6A1.

It looks like some BRs are outdated, most obvious Re 2005 being at 6.0.
You might consider an update.

Besides of that your prop proposals look reasonable - idc about jets.

F-105D to 9.7 F-4C on 10.0 just can do everything same or better. Look at stat card

The currently too low BR of 5.0 is imho just the result of misuse by their players.
They were designed as lightweight fighter to operate from smaller carriers to intercept waves of kamikaze planes and optimized for lower altitudes in the Pacific (just look at the supercharger) - not for the ETO with fights at much higher alt.

As speed is king around 5.0 and most fights happen below 4 km - the plane is way too fast. Getting hit by bomber turrets is just a sign of wrong attack approach and all lightweight fighters suffer here, ask a Yak-3 or A6M pilot.

Yeah I re-used an older spreadsheet to quickly make this. There are likely a few errors left like that. Thanks for pointing that out.

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I think the F-105 would be incredibly strong at 9.7 but I can’t say I didn’t consider it. I just think it’s a bit too powerful. F-4C is just in a really unfortunate spot.

Stat cards are fake though and you shouldn’t trust or look at them or bring them up

This br is cursed. If uptiered its useless, downtiered super OP. Gaijin decompress please!