These are some BR changes I'd like to see made that I think are fairly "common sense" regarding air RB above 5.0 BR. What are your thoughts? What would you want changed BR wise? Please discuss

Saying it needs to be RKO-able.

What is RKO?

No i mean that if american plane get ability to maneuver as bearcat do it doesn’t make that plane OP. Heavy bomber was comparsion of lack of maneuverability

I’m still gonna go with the ability to RKO.

((Bearcat has some serious weaponry, the B-17 is hard to be used as it’s literal sitting duck if it’s not used right or in a group))

Isn’t high speed is necessary for boom&zoom plane?

Yes, but something can be too fast for its BR.

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Good discussion so far

From my pov u mix things up - the optimization of speed and in this case also for fast climb below 4 km, results in being a BnZ plane.

This things loses so much speed in turns that it is a free kill as soon it is slow and starts to turn, the problem is that the comparably high top speed at lower alt makes it not easy to catch up with the goal to force them to turn in order to make them slow.

And some good F8F pilots are able to use the high speed drop for reversals in 1 vs 1s as most enemies tend to overshoot. As the straight line acceleration of the plane is quite good (and the effective range of the 0.50 cals too) it takes often too much time to extend fast enough to get out of gun range if the reversed pilots extend in a straight line instead of doing a spiral climb and force them to do a 360 turn and extend then…

Also F2G-1. It based on early corsair model so it have wing fuel tanks which made it maneuver like a log. And look at american spitfire. 43.2m/s of climb

Most listed changes are reasonable.

The only one I sort of disagree with is the F8F-1; it simply is not a good plane with the flight model that it has.

In theory it should be a good BnZ plane and have decent turning ability. Except it’s basically useless at high speeds with how ineffective the control surfaces are at high speeds, and it sheds so much speed in a turn that a huge portion of planes simply out-turn it.

The only redeeming quality that it has is that it’s very fast at low altitude; but it’s also very slow at medium altitudes. Planes like the Yak-3U can fill the same niche with better guns and a completely drama free flight model. Even something like the Tempest Mk.V, which is pretty mediocre for a 5.7 plane, is arguably much better.

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F2G-1 maneuvers very well and can dogfight very well. It’s also extremely fast with good guns and competitive stats in most other departments.

But it’s climb it’s not so good. Please i don’t want to fight jets again on prop plane that isn’t spitfire f mk24