The unending amount of missing German aircraft

Really glad to hear that, I do hope the HG 2 gets added as well though don’t know how likely that would be added

No pictures atm so no clue honestly who knows we might see it in the future hopefully.

I’m in the minority I’m sure but no more paper planes please.

Also if anybody needs any more aircraft it’s Italy, not Germany… nor the US… nor Russia.


No no, you are right here. No more paper planes, most people I would argue probably agree

This is more a complaint focused round “Gaijin there are so many unique WW2 planes you haven’t added please add them” then it is around “Germany suffers”. Although I understand how that could be hard to get since this most recent update has really brought out the “Germany Suffers” mindset

with 1 exception. We all want the Avro Vulcan with 12x Aim-54s :P


Debateable. I suspect a lot of people would support the more realistic paper planes.

I mean, given the Tiger II 105 and Panther II got removed (and how many people were ok with it) as well as how many people are asking for the R2Y2 and F-16AJ to go, I don’t necessarily think so.

Of course, everyone is going to have “their” exception that only they should get and no one else, but. That’s for another day to deal with.

I will be real, the forums are a tiny amount of the people, and arent representative of the playerbase as a whole.

I see people wanting the panther II and KT 105 back often anyways lol

I think paper vehicles should be added more on a case by case basis, instead of all or none.

If a nation has a notable gap, that is hard or messy to fill with “real” vehicles. Then they should consider paper vehicles. So long as they have a notable basis in reality (i.e most or all parts did actually exist in some way, shape or form)

Like last year, when Britain had no top tier aircraft. the BAE EAP could have been added. Only thing it didnt have was live missiles, but mounted mock-up missiles simple fix.

But a paper/prototype aircraft like the Yak-141 really wasnt needed as the USSR had and still has plenty of actual aircraft that could have been added instead.


Agreed. Something like the KRV or the paper swedish heavies should be added, but probably not paper russian or US things.

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As needed I can sort of understand

I don’t like it but I’m a lot more ok with it then the 141. My only concern is it will get greatly out of hand, because first it’s one thing, then another, and so on and so forth. I’m not looking for a Turreted IS-7 with two guns here, y’know? And given Gaijins track record, when it rains, it poors. So.


Okay but that IS-7 would be cool tho

It would be stupid is what it would be. And unrealistic.

Yep, does snowball fast.

The Objects are already a pain in the butt

You are correct, however-


So you can at least see my concern here? Because again, I don’t mind one or two- I’m the proud owner of two of the three R2Ys- but I don’t like a million of them. If I wanted World of Tanks, I’d go play it.

This is funny

They would need to establisb a standard for paper things imo. If a mockup was made its enough, and there should be other ways to qualify.

Yep, as I said. Case by case basis. Only if the need is great and it’s based upon some semblance of reality.

Like the Avro Vulcan with aim-54s.

Vulcan existed as did the aim54s. Just were never merged outside of a sheet of paper.

But a total concept tank that would be essentially impossible irl, no shouldn’t be added

You guys don’t need this you just want it.