The unending amount of missing German aircraft

I love WWII German planes, but I’ve noticed quite a lot missing from the tree. One mention is the Two seater Dornier 335 A-6 the night fighter version with a radar, and the P 256 NF, a Heinkel built DO 335 with turbofan engines. That’s just the Dornier 335, the list continues to grow by the Manufacturer and Model. One of my other favorites is the two seat ME-262 with a radar, also a night fighter “B-1a” version, one of which still exists and could be a direct reference.

262 B-1a/U1:

Not also to mention all the missing cockpit animations…


Pictures and specs plz 🥺

America is missing a ton of planes

Russia is missing a ton of planes

Literally every nation is missing a ton of planes

I do think they need to shift some focus onto mid tier


They had quite a few nightfighter models.

Arado 234B-2/N ‘Nightingale’ would be also interesting. A fighter with the Arado 234 jet bomber as base.

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Here’s the 3 way sketch

Designated by the P. marker, it’s a Project/Prototype, meaning, it was built, but either scrapped or never saw combat before the end of the war.

This is roughly what it would have looked like in 3D


It’s the same airframe as the DO 335, but with twin undermounted Heinkel 011 engines. Very reminiscent of the R2Y2 Kai.

There’s also this weird one that was given to Heinkel to work on, it used the regular front propeller and engine, but dosed the back engine with a Jet instead.

Oh cool. Yeah it does remind me of the R2Y2. Would it have the same armament as one of the A’s? As well as bombs?

Edit- also is that a passenger seat in the back of something?

I believe so, to spot bombers, it is a night fighter after all. I don’t believe so, but specs are limited, so considering the internal (central fuselage) fuel tanks are most likely remove in favor of wing tanks, there is a high possibility of there being a bomb-bay.

Ahh ok. It looks like it has 2 20’s and maybe a 30 in the nose. I’d hope they’re was a bomb bay with all that empty space

Probably more than that. Looks like four total from the 3 way.

Wdym? I take back that 2 20mm part back, looks more like 4 maybe looking at that first picture

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They look more 30 mil ish to me. Besides, everything was using the Mk.103’s at this point.

Oh :(

I hate 30mm’s

I like them, you just have to know how to aim them. They are slow; but they were designed to take out bombers, not fighters. It could be 2 and 2 anyway.

I’ve tried, but the only thing I can get them to work is the 335, kinda ironic right, but that’s very rare that I use it alone.

Well that’s the problem. There’s more fighters than bombers in most every match. At least in my experience. But I mean if it’s 2 and 2 I could get on board with that. Plus they would all be nose mounted

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Here’s the Do-335B-6 Pfeil

Radar >: ) now it is a model, but, it was built, and there is limited knowledge on it.

From my perspective missing aircraft is just one side of the coin - the way how German aircraft are actually positioned regarding their BR and how the current available planes are implemented is even more evidence that gaijin is not really interested in fair and balanced game play.

I stopped playing Germany years ago due to this - and it got even worse since 2020-2021. The 4.0 - 5.0 - 6.0 lobbies are filled with USSR and US very late / post-war trash that never saw combat and are played either by sweatlords or absolute noobs.

Try to name just one overperforming German fighter - there is not a singe equivalent of a P-39, P-51 C, Yak-3, I-225, Yak-3U, P-51 H-5 or anything like that - severely undertiered and very good performing aircraft.

Or look at shenanigans like the absurd underperforming flight models of Fw 190s or this nonsense regarding MEC usage with prop pitches of DB 600-605 engines. You can fly the same engines in JP or IT aircraft without the risk of killing your engine due to “over-reving” them - whilst you can use prop pitch to avoid overheating in every US or USSR fighter.

This leads to abysmal low WRs of Germany in Air RB above BR 3.0:

Sorry man, this is nonsense.

Try to name 3 US and 3 USSR aircraft which saw combat in WW2 which are not implemented in the game.

A short list of planes which never saw combat in WW 2:

  • F-7F
  • F-8F
  • P-51 D-30
  • P-51 H-5
  • F4U-7
  • AU-1
  • I-185
  • I-225
  • Yak-3U
  • La-9/11

German planes (which saw combat):

  • 190 A-9 (with 2.000 HP 801 TS engine) - produced from Sept 1944
  • 190-A-0, A-3, A-6…
  • 109 G-6/AS
  • 109 G-1
  • 210 Ca-1 (Hungary with 40mm Bofors)
  • Ju 290 A-5 & A-7

…feel free to add more…

Fully agree!


The early 109s are generally the best things at their BR; with a few exceptions, of course, they are by far and large the vehicle to play at the BRs between like 2.0 and 4.0. I have the best KDR on any 4.0 plane with my Italian 109 F-4 since it’s the one I actually use in ARB. Not that the others are bad per se, but the 109 F-4 is practically perfect in every way.

It’s not. He has a point. The US and USSR are also missing many planes, and although they are mainly Cold War era planes, there are also some WW2 ones including

For the US, excluding XPs, planes that are similar to ones in game with little to no practical upgrades, and some others that I didn’t feel like adding.

Brewster F3A (construction issues in Brewster made it weaker than the regular F4U, so it would actually perform different in game)
Ryan’s FR Fireball
The P-70 (an A-20 with 20mms)
B-32 Dominator
A-12 Shrike
B-23 Dragon
NA P-64
US A-35

For Russia:
Su-4 (Su-2 w/M82 and 2x 12.7s)

Russia is a lot harder since a majority of their planes were lend lease or are already in game. But clearly the US is missing quite a few as well.

But they exist. It is not a Germany only problem. And if you get into single variants of planes already in game, like specifications of FW 190s etc. then there are a LOT more that could be added. So.


It was never built. At all.

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Although you are trying to establish a point you mentioned the AU-1 which saw combat in the Korean War just not in the colors we see in the game.

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The P-64 was designed for Peru, we did one flight test nothing more. It never saw US service nor was intended for it.