The unending amount of missing German aircraft

More an example of 2 parts that existed seperately but never came together IRL, less than something “needed”. (sorry wasnt the clearest way of writiing that)

Though Avro Vulcan is needed. Im british, its a legal thing :P

Aim-54 slinging variant might be more likely to added than the 21x 1000lb bomb variant

Kranvagn would be fine imo given it got its hull made, as would the Strv 2000 given it had a mockup and pretty detailed plans for it.

A. I disagree, I feel like the bombs are more likely since that was at least real.

And B. aim-54s are pretty garbage. Even if it got 12 of them it wouldn’t exactly be a very successful plane.

Its just where you place it on the TT. Obviously would need to be higher than the Canberra at 8.3. But probably lower than the Buc S2 at 9.3. But it would be a free kill for anything at that BR.

Would be goofy as hell with 12x ARHs at that BR lol

Yeah, though its one of the last BRs where ground hugging isnt the default. F-14A kinda ruined top tier, Vulcan would too unfortunately. though would be hilarious for a week or so. Just 12x kills straight out of the gate. Especially as few even have RWR

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That too, and maybe this.

Tornado F4:


Ooh, sounds fun- tornado with AMRAAMs.

Well, that we already have in game. But it’s the typhoon gear ontop that would be fun.

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After ~ 90 posts i see no real progress in this discussion :-)

It looks more than the thread go hijacked…with off-topic content.