The Turm III needs to be 8.7 at least it's too good

It’s like a better BMP-2
My first game of the day and I already felt gross, definitely need a shower after this.


nah it shouldnt my average is 0.3 kills and 3 assists each game and its not my skill in the leopard 1 series my average kills is 2.34

You K/D in it is under 2.

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And his win ratio with this tank is 39% LOL.

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Yes I’m not a good player but even I feel the Turm III is OP, think about that yeah? I died often in it since most of the time I’m rushing cap to grind for XP because it’s the only way to play this game without going insane. I pressed ‘E’, pointed my tank at the capture zone, then alt+tab to watch streams and anime.

On the rare occasion when I actually pay attention for more than 5 minutes I’ve gone 16-1 in that thing before.

Edit: Even with that attitude my overall stats are still somehow better than both of you 🤣

39% win ratio plus crap K/D Ratio too, if you want support you argument come with something better.

Ok, good for you.

It isnt that good. Turret is filled with tannerite so it is pretty easy to take out.

Yeah no, fighting T55AM1, XM1 and Challenger DS in a Turm III is quite frustrating, and it’s pretty much a glass cannon so it takes a lot of concentration and skill to play it properly.

If you’re fighting a Chally DS in your 8.3 tank the issue lies between the monitor and chair.

Just blast it from the air.

It’s not a skill issue, I do quite well in the turms but it is not a 8.7 tank.

The TURM III would sell less if it was placed at a higher BR


Blasting enemy with an autocanon after lobbing a large caliber apds at it is not really “skill”.

This discussion is not about us finding the Turm III OP but you. And you bring a 17 kill game as evidence while on average not even having 2 kills per death. So what does it matter if I don’t have a turm III to begin with? In fact, in case you say you are a “better player”, you further deflate your argument about turm III being OP.

If you grind for XP, that is not a good approach. XP are strongly dependent on survival time. If you die quickly, your reward will be poor, regardless of accomplishment. You need to survive too.

What I was saying is the Turm 3 can’t see a Chally in BR spread regardless, so if you’re fighting Challys in the Turm 3, the player has fudged it big time.

The Turm III is too easy at 8.3, it should be lowered to 7.3

It will sell more copies the more overpowered it is