The T-44's balancing and BR selection

Why is the T-44 at 6.7? It is completely out of place in its current BR, it has the same turret, ammunition, and gun as a 5.7 vehicle (T-34-85). The only difference is the hull and its engine isnt much more poweful than the T-34-85, its hull armour is rendered useless if the enemy has at least a little competence and shoots the turret its a one shot, or in an uptier HEATFS goes straight through the hull. I suggest that its BR is changed to 6.0 or 6.3 as it wouldn’t buff the vehicle but rather put it at a more suitable BR for its armament, on the topic of armament, the T-44’s gun cannot penetrate most if not any American heavy tanks or medium tanks at its BR letalone in an uptier.


No. The turret is absolutely not the same. It’s turret is a volumetric hell, and it can tank even the 88mm and 128mm shells easily.

Every tank’s armor is rendered useless against HEAT.

Why the hell are you using it as a heavy tank??


The T-44 has better armor than the IS-2, and the same (if not better) mobility than a light tank.
On top of that it has a very smoot ride, to the point that it feels like it has a vertical stabilizer.
The gun is extremely deadly, if you don’t try to engage heavies from the front.

Try using it as a light tank. go for side shots, and flank.

In cities, it can also be used as a pocket heavy. Angle your hull, and rush out a corner. It is a very good strategy if you can use it correctly, and i can’t even count how many tanks did i kill that way.

It is where it should be.

Also, just imagine playing with a chi-Ri and seeing that a T-44 is rushing at you…
it already dominates in downtiers 8and very effective even in a full uptier), now imagine it being at 6.0…


T-44 and pershing should be 6.3 to counter panthers.
T-44 turret face is made from paper and don’t have volumetric issues.

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It has. Many times i have tanked a 128mm or a 88mm with it. Big hole in the mantlet, no damage to the crew.

90mm shells dont have that problem only one time when i directly hit MG volumetric eaten shell, another times at least breech was destroyed.

ah yes so the times it ate 128mm rounds from maus and jt or the 105 from tiger were all those “skill issue” right ?
i would love to see it that hits from such big guns rip the turret from the turret ring same for the 122 from is2/3 etc and 152 from isu…

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And the tank is still basically unharmed. Yes, it is not a Tiger mantlet, but regardless very troll.

It much better than yellow commander or loader with panther mantlet

Panther mantlets are way easier to penetrate. Bigger and weaker weak spot.

Oh no, i successfully hit T-44 from kilometer away, panther no, shell spread is too big and it will be probably eaten by volumetrics

So you hit a smaller weak spot easier. Got it.

On all panthers except F weakspots are smaller

Also don’t forget that the Panther has a lot of flat, non-volumetric armor around the mantlet, that are 100mm…

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Chances to hit it from distance with volumetric shell that can catch on the corners of the mask and UFP ?

I have no issue doing that.

tho my argument was that the panther has a much bigger area that can pe penned by everything at that BR (except SPAA).

T-44 doesn’t have gun with good ballistic and high penetration, and can’t fully use mobility because of bad angles.

Neither is needed when you flank.

What does that supposed to mean?

It has no gun depression angles to successfuly flank using relief of surface. Only flat maps are good.

ah yes, move T-90 to 6.3 to counter panther

it’s really not that unbalanced of a vehicle, I’ve dealt with then in my 57mm chromwell, it just takes basic aim

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You can rock the tank forwards/backwards. Also same can be used on all soviet/chinese lights.