The Su-25T is the most insufferable plane to grind

The su25T in 11.3 is insufferable, almost all the matches are uptier and you have to deal with f16, mig29, f14, mirage 2000, you are simply useless in those matches, it takes you 5 minutes to “approach” the base to bomb it, but when to be close to the base a fighter comes and kills you, and since you are so slow and unmaneuverable there is no way for you to survive, unless the pilot of the fighter is very bad.
This problem would improve if you lower the br a bit, I would say 10.7 is a fair br, 10.7 does not have as many uptiers as 11.3, and if you want to keep it at 11.3 at least give it a decent missile, since the r60m at the speed that the su25t (900km - 700km) the missile has very little range and loses a lot of speed with a little spin that makes the target, the r60m is useless on the su25t, give it the r73 it doesn’t lose as much speed when turning as the r60m and leave it at 11.3 , but please do something, you can’t grind this thing without losing your head.

  • Put the Su-25T to 10.7
  • Add the r73 to the Su.25T and keep it in 11.3

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I don’t think even adding the R-73 would make it any better to play at that BR to be honest.


Gaijin has to do something with this plane, you never get to bomb a base, otherwise the enemy fighter kills you or you arrive late and your team has bombed the bases, there is no way that you can be useful in this thing lmao

Consider going after the AI targets not the bases.

I would like, but there is a small problem the AI objectives are in the MIDDLE of the map…

I think your first sentence nails it - simply useless.

What do you expect? Flying a slow and clumsy ground attack (PvE) plane in a mode optimized for fighter (PvP) interactions. You are simply a burden for your team as you occupy a slot and reduce the chances of your own fighters as you reduce their numbers.

The contribution of strike aircraft regarding the outcome is in the Mach 2 range in Air RB almost 0. Just at very low BRs (1.0 - 2.0) or with few selected planes like prem Wyvern/335 B-2 you can influence the game result.

In other words you complain that you fly a useless plane in Air RB (just useful in Ground RB) and ask to solve a fundamental misunderstanding by adjusting BR or weapons in order to continue with this practice…

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Bro plays a plane that’s an insanely strong attacker in ground RB and then complains that it is not competitive against top tier fighter aircraft. And then makes a poll between giving it a buff, or alternatively give it a buff. Kek. Only on this forum.


It is a strike aircraft not designed to fight fighters, in the current state of air rb it will be useless at its br, but in ground rb it is fine. the problem is that if you move it down to 10.7 then it will further ruin the 9.7 planes like the milan, hunter F.6, G.91YS,J35A, the poor T-2 and so on. it might not be fun to grin in air rb but unless they decide to seperate ground and air br’s, i think it is better being weak in air rb and not ruin the br bracket below. Now just to move the A-10’s and SU-25s up to 10.7 minimum, 11.0 preferably


You don’t understand that this post is to make the Su-25t playable in air realistic battles, I never mentioned ground, I even put the “air-rb” tag. In ground I do not doubt that it is a good plane but in air realistic it is horrible. If they put the r73 on it, this could defend itself against the 11.3 fighters, and since it only has 2 it would not be unbalanced, but NOT of course because of you…

Exactly it’s “simply useless”, I’m complaining because they put this thing in 11.3 when it has no chance of surviving, they can give it some better missiles and make it viable or at least lower its br a bit, but there is no way to play it in air 11.3, it is constantly dying. Come on I invite you to play it so you can see how stupidly bad it is.

Ok I get your point, so give it r73 to defend itself and leave it at 11.3. It wouldn’t be broken since it doesn’t have the mobility of a fighter.

We seriously dont need a second thread about it, just read trough this one Su-39: R77,R27,R73 - #752 by Morvran

oh and you are missing an option that it shouldnt get any changes, that is valid as well since it is mainly a striker aircraft you can lvl it in GRB or SIM

Yep, Su-39 has the tiniest thread to be considered a viable choice for ARB. Su-25T though, is a ground attacker. Plain and simple. Its not meant for ARB. Giving it IR missiles that are leagues better than even those found on any other aircraft in the game, is not the solution.

Its BR is 100% determined by its GRB performance and so cannot drop down in BR because its under-performing in ARB.

Why don’t we need? I don’t know what the other thread says, I just ask that you make this plane playable in air realistic, why is that wrong?. Tell me an argument why they can’t add the r73 to this to make it more competitive in air realistic.

Because we outlined exactly why the R-73 would be a bad addition for the Su-39, the su-25T has even less claim for such an upgrade.

Why, I see it as viable, there are already 40g missiles in the game (python 3), and it would only have 2 r73. They are only 2 r73 in a slow plane and that does not turn, why it would break the game?, explain me, where is the OP in that?

Because R-73, based upon what I can find. Has roughly triple the range and far far better IRCCM than the Python 3. It would be the same situation we have the with A-10 currently again

Its the issue of alot other Strike Jets as well. They’re just not good in Air RB, they’re supposed to be played in Ground Forces or lower BRed ones in Naval modes.

I’m totally against adding stuff which changes strikers into air superiority fighters. Adding R73 and stuff is not acceptable. Then we have the same bs like we had with R-60M and Aim-9L at 9.7 and 10.0.

But some stuff could be done: We have rather big Air RB maps. So ground objectives (NPC, Bases) need to be scattered over the whole map. Also NPC planes shouldn’t reveal your player bracket to enemy players. Right now we have the ground objectives concentrated in a very tiny area of the map and swarming NPC planes reveal your position to everyone. So all Strike planes are somehow funneled into a killbox where every fighter player just “harvests” striker kills.

I mean you know the objectives are all at the map center. You see the player brackets thx to shared intel with NPC planes. Its like War Thunder Air RB mechanics handing out Striker kills on a silver tablet. You just need to lock and Fox 3. Result: F14_fanboy kills StrikerX (Aim-9F).


Very well said, ARB needs an overhaul (for attackers/Strike aircraft/bombers), RB EC and/or seperated RB BRs. There are far better solutions than massive AAM upgrades

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