The R-77

This post is purely to see what others think of the R77

Personally I’ve used all the new fox 3 missiles except Pl-12 AAM4 and R-Darter.

Heres my opinion on them

AMRAAM is the best all rounder, with good range and g overload,

R77/Mica dont have the same range but pull really hard, espically the mica with its thrust vectoring

Derby IMO its just a worse AMRAAM

I often hear players complain that the R77 is not capable of fighting the AMRAAM and I get where their coming from, it dosnt have the same range but the way I play that dosnt matter very much.

I want to hear what others think,

I believe that theres 2 options for the USSR

the R-77-1 currently in the files, and the R-27EA an ARH version of the R27ER, I believe that the R-27EA is supposed to have performance inbetween the R77 and -1, it could be a possible adition, I havent really had a problem with it, but I see a lot of people complaining

There’s third: dont change anything.

It is capable, but only in same way as were R-27ER against AIM-7M: skill.

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Its not though even in the “ER meta” NATO aircraft had far better radars than the soviet side and now they get better missiles too


Well, not really
F-15A lacked of modes and other cases

After 1+ year “arrow of balance” some moved to blue side

Its not somewhat moved its entirely moved the R-77 is probably the 2nd worst ARH. the Su-27 and J-11 also have the worst flight models paired with the worst radars at the tier


F-15 missing radar modes, basicly on level

By fm - idk, they made by ghraps. Same as F-15/16

R27EA never produced, it was only concept design.

It should not be added under any circumstances.

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