The NEEDED navel change list

As someone who (used to) enjoy navel mode, here is a list of the main complaints that need addressed.

1- remove coastal ships from anything over br 5.7 so people trying to enjoy a bluewater game can without it ending in 5 minutes due to coastal ships immediately capping

2- below 5.7 remove the close bluewater spawns so coastal ships are not in close proximity with bluewater ships and can have their own battles

3- remove sea plane capping

4- possibly rework capture points to make them have less influence and move/remove them depending on the br being played

No, do NOT try to make naval into an endless game of sitting in spawns not moving and bombarding static targets any more than it already is.

Sea planes are a neat feature to use, and allows larger ships to matter in terms of capping.

Costal ships are part of naval, learn to counterplay against them or keep one in your lineup.

Caps are an important part of making naval games progress, otherwise you just get bot level players sitting in spawn barraging each other with no actual gameplay.


This is the kind of attitude that makes game modes fail, I don’t play 7.0 so I can “J” out of my Alaska to go play a 4.3 coastal ship to stop someone from capping and ending the game quickly… and I also don’t use a seaplane to do the same thing, you just be one of the minority players that does all of the above

So actually playing the game is what you don’t like. If you want to win, take actions to win. If you want to sit in the Alaska and only bombard other ships then do so, but come to terms with losing games.

I can’t believe that playing the game mode in a way that leverages the strengths of costal and bluewater sea planes is now “making the game mode fail”. Why would anyone want dynamic gameplay that requires thought and use of different vehicle types instead of mindlessly clicking your mouse key every 30-50 seconds at a target that doesn’t move…

You actively want to dumb down the mode to nothing but large ships firing at large ships, which is a horrible idea for the longevity of the mode. The worst maps are the ones with no caps (or behind the spawn, or the stupid open water with no cover) where gameplay is at a snails pace while everyone sits and fires and nothing actually happens. That is also probably why 4.7 to 5.3 are more popular because the ships can actually accomplish something instead of being a boring, lifeless game.


1- Press Alt+2 sometimes and look around you, potentially press U if your vessel is capable. At high tiers you have a 30 second reload, shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to hold C and take a gander. Even near misses with large calibres make coastal vessels explode, so you could consider sending a couple rounds down the coastal alley.

2- Why? The waters are for everyone, and at least some of my personal favourite moments are torpedoing battleships that come too close.

3- You really want 30 minute matches don’t you, and what else are the aircraft supposed to do apart from strafing the occasional coastal vessel (that has good AA at this tier)?

4- You really want 30 minute matches don’t you?

Seems that naval sim would suit you better

You just described Naval EC.


1 - remove coastal ships from anything over br 5.7

…no, but I would support removing coastals from the truly open water, zero island circular encounter maps.

2- below 5.7 remove the close bluewater spawns

…no, but there’s been BR changes for some maps that mean 3.7s have long range enoounter maps, and places like Golden gate that used to be low tier Bluewater/Coastal mix now is full of 4.7/5.0.

3- remove sea plane capping

…no, but I would remove the ability to spawn planes from ship spawns or place a 30s minimum. I would also apply this to torpedo and smoke.

4- possibly rework capture points to make them have less influence and move/remove them depending on the br being played

…yes, but every map should have variable spawn and cap points. A couple of km extra for spawns or 100m for caps would be a cheap and easy way to sort-of adding some variation at minimal dev cost.

How do I find this Naval sim?

If you’re going to post about naval, please use the right word.


This is a navel ^


It’s not on right now, it’s usually an event in the events tab.
Keep a look out on the news for information about it

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EC! Found it and have had an amazing time! Such a great time… I am definitely glad I made the effort to learn Naval, it’s almost all I play right now.

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I try very hard to not use this phrase but… wow…



I’m one of the best naval players in war thunder, I would absolutely embarrass you 😂