The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Good to hear! Became a French ground player recently (just last month, really nice and fun tree I just wish they cared about it more). I’m down there already and researching the AMX-10RC. The VEXTRA sounds like it’s going to be good for a 9.3 - 9.7 lineup now

This is not exactly the case. A destroyed autoloader will not stop you from firing compared to a damaged breech, it will just prevent you from loading new shells.

Yes the Leclerc has received buffs one exemple is the 5sec reload
But we have been asking for an armor buff and a new shell for more than 2 years
Am really disappointed


what ever happened to the mobility reports did they fall into the void.

I wonder what happened to that honestly

And it’s been 2 years since we’ve been getting documents from Sweden or I don’t know where…

Report for Leclerc and Vextra thermals has been updated: Community Bug Reporting System

Me explaining to the devs why it should be 3rd gen:

But for real, there’s zero reason it shouldn’t be.

If anyone was wondering why I’ve been reluctant to work on Leclerc armour reports… well, that’s going to take considerably more time and effort than this thermals report 💀. Speaking of, Vextra bug reports occupied much of my time this week so armour reports are going to be delayed but at least the Vextra should come as a top-tier worthy light tank in the interim.


… 25 sources ?!
Bro had to use the comment section to fit all of it lol

Amazing job as always man. Even though I can’t wait to see the Leclerc armor report, don’t press yourself about it ; I believe you’ve earned yourself a well earned rest.


25 sources… I can’t wait to see them tag it as Not a bug via another mod XD


Arietes are getting their spall liners, really hopings it’s not just for some small area.

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They are in fact tiny (last time I checked): some have only a single panel not even covering a whole turret cheek, others get two panels not even covering each cheek (yay! /s).


This article says KNDS France intends to unveil a Leclerc armed with an ASCALON gun during the EuroSatory conference next week.


Dreams do come true


Looks like meat 140mm is back on the menu boys ! 😎


nah knowing gaijin they will add an XXI azur as a top tier with just ofl 120 f1

It won’t necessarily be a 140mm. In this article, they explain they’ve made a 120mm variant of the ASCALON to offer more versatility:

Ain’t that the truth …

The DGA has made it clear by now that they want a 140mm ASCALON. So even though a 120mm variant may be available, the French will be going for a 140mm.

Very nice!!!