The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Leclerc with 140 was destined to be. It just looks like it should have a 140.

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It looks better with a 120mm.
With a 140mm it looks like a Super Hellcat.

That is a silly take, but a silly take you’re entitled to.

The Leclerc has been increasingly causing me pain lately. When I encounter an M1 or Leopard 2 head-on, the enemy will not hesitate to rush out of cover to attack me or peek out of their turret to shoot at me, while I dare not do the same. I can even be penetrated by a 3BM42 round through the turret and have the ammunition in the turret bustle detonated. I suffer greatly playing in complex urban maps. Even in the spacious Polish fields, when I try to attack the enemy’s flank, I am still hindered by the Leclerc’s sluggish turning. If the ground is uneven, my experience is even worse, almost unable to turn. I think the Leclerc’s performance at 11.7 is quite bad. You can’t penetrate enemy armor, you can’t withstand enemy shells, and you’re not running faster than the enemy.
Despite achieving a KD ratio above 2, and despite my great fondness for the French Leclerc, Mirage, and Tiger helicopters, I still prefer playing with the IPM1. Playing with the IPM1 allows me to relax a lot more.
When can we expect to see the Leclerc get a buff? These days are truly a struggle.


I don’t understand why Leclerc is still 11.7 while 11.0/11.3 tank got same specs …

When I play the Type 90 I have to fight Challenger 2 at the same BR but I can’t pen it’s turret or it’s UFP but I can OS a Leclerc without issues …

When I play a Leclerc I’m afraid when I see a bmp, begleit or other 10.0 IFVs …


Agreed only think that it has over the abrams is the engine noise and for some reason some ppl being dumb enough to shoot at the only places you actually can hold stuff up


Does the leclerc have a method to fire while hatches are open or does it always require the positive overpressure to prevent fumes from coming back into turret after firing?

Why shoot with open hatches ?

Most modern tanks have been, it allows the crew to quickly pop up, utilize small arms such as top mounted 7.62 machine guns or .50 cals or just to survey the surroundings. Until recently, no tanks had serious 360° cameras or situational awareness sensors of any kind. Knowing what is around you is quite important.

Pivoting or turning too tight on certain terrain or obstacles can throw or damage the track, ultimately leading to loss of vehicle over preventable cases where all that needed done is a quick peek to ascertain what you’re driving around.

afaik it will be a leclerc with 120mm ASCALON and EMBT with 140mm ASCALON

just when we were not far from running out of MBTs, Nexter saves the day X)

EMBT first version
EMBT second version


How will the ascalon compare in perfomance to the current german gun
Also Leclerc ascalon is basically the XLR no?

I think it will probably be a XLR with the ASCALON 120 instead of the CN-120-26, XLR refers mainly to a new armor package, so it is kinda unrelated

The new ASCALON 140 should compare relatively close to the 130 RHM, although there is possibly more room for improvement on the ASCALON gun (especially regarding the chamber pressure). So basically, likely more future proof.

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That is so sexy…


oh boy

The main advantage of the Ascalon is that it uses telescopic ammunition. That means that they can make much longer rods for their APFSDS, and the length of the rod directly correlates to the penetration for a set muzzle velocity.
However, these things apparently are so classified even the name of the round is currently classified

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Welp boys, after a month of heavily grinding France almost from scratch (I had grinded till 5.3 years before and then put it aside), I now have French top tier.

Wish me luck since according to everyone here I might need it😬


Lineup not looking good either (?)
I’m almost at the end though


Nice, btw you can easily uptier your mephisto, works well even against russian, same for amx 40, amx 32 and amx 30 super harder but still works.
But yeah would advice you to continue spaa line and go up to ito, it’s really easy to do kills with it.

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Okay will do that, thank you. I don’t think I’ll add the AMX-30 Super though since I can’t imagine it performing well with the OFL 105 F1 at 11.7, and after getting the Roland it won’t be effective at researching rank 8

Cannon is so massive. Crazy to think that it weighs the same as an L/44. Is that a 20mm coaxial I spot? And the ARX 30 turret? Also Diamant APS? Very cool.

Who know, the mephisto could have HOT 3s soon TM, meaning they could go through ERA like butter. We’ll see