The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

All NATO standard shells (105×617mmR). Only F2 gun can’t use it, because have only 105×528mmR

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Dont forget the Abrams lol

I hope and pray your reports pass, i desperately desire a competent top tier French light tank!!!

EBRC Jaguar some day :)


Can you open another forum for the vextra. Basically this one is for the improvements of the leclerc

like this one ?

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According to what is visible on the dev server. They preferred to model a new weakness (what the autoloder represents) for the Leclerc rather than correct the armour …

How should we understand it?

Autoloaders Models are planned to get modeled for every vehicle that has them, Leclerc makes no exception. Vehicles that still haven’t got it will get it soon.


Even lower tier vehicles? AMX-13s, DF-105, AMX-50s etc?


For the French drum autoloaders (AMX M4, Lorraine 40T, TOA100, etc.) I’d imagine this would cause an old annoyance to return in a new form.

The 100mm drum loaders used to get their breaches completely destroyed by hits to the hull, as the drum magazine was modeled as apart of the gun breach for quite a while.

Them modeling the autoloading mechanisms on these tanks would 100% result in such frustration returning, so I’m hoping that destroying autoloaders on vehicles where the crew can manually load the gun won’t completely prevent the tank from reloading, rather instead forcing a way longer (and interuptable) reload.

A damaged autoloader causing the same issues as a damaged gun breech would be both unoriginal and even more annoying.


Generally they are planned yes, but modern vehicles will have the priority.


Slightly unrelated question but is there any reason why we don’t have Leclerc prototypes for a 10.3 lineup?


Gaijin only gives useless copy and paste vehicles. When there are copy and paste vehicles that could actually be useful for France, they don’t add them lol

Same goes for VBCI Philoctète (the hull is already in the game), or the AMX-13-105 (hull and turret are already in the game). It’s sad

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I have a bad feeling they’re going to add copy-pasted Leopards in the update after this one and then call it a day

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I think part of the reason Benelux ground ain’t coming is because of the backlash actually. Most aircraft’s are from Belgium with only the Fokker I believe being Dutch. That might be a hint to why air came but not ground

Glad to see a lot of the Vextra 105’s issues reported by Bossman seem to have been fixed as of the latest dev server update.

It’s got it’s thermals, the weight and gun handeling has been corrected, the gun has been fixed (OFL-105 F2 still has placeholder stats though), and it’s mobility has been buffed.

As a result it is now 9.7, which fits way more with the vehicle’s correct capabilities and further strengthens the 9.7 lineup.


Yas 🎉🎉

Just a shame it’s 9.7… Then a 11.7 JUMP, i hope then add anything at this point to fill out the gaps.

Yes, adding components is progress for the game.

But why the development of a weakness more important than a hydraulic circuit was priority for the Leclerc ? Wiht adding the healing of crew members, the survivability gap will further increase with the 4 crew MBT.

By comparison, the Ariete only received spall liner for the moment (which does not shock me).
As you said, not all autoloader arrive at the same time and there is no shortage of needed corrects for the Leclercs.

In my opinion it just serve as justification for the implement of the Russian autoloader (balancing always where we expect it) and the Leclerc will stagnated for a few years before they touch it.

I hope I’m wrong and that there will be one day an official announcement of corrections (“acknowledged” does not make any promises).

Let console ourselves, the French TT will once again be competitive with a Leo 2 :'(

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yes, the change in mobility is clearly visible, and it’s good that the gunner’s sight has been corrected, but unfortunately it’s going to suffer from the same problem as the other French vehicles, too good performance in battle and an increase in BR :/

This would be incorrect.
In the last few months the Leclerc got many changes, and hopefully more will come.

The Leclerc does not use an hydraulic drive for its turret. Once possible Leclercs will receive more detailed modules, however since autoloader modules are getting added to every modern vehicle, it was decided to add atleast that, just like how it happened with the Type 10 for example.