The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Do you at least get paid to deal with the extra brain cell loss as a moderator?

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I feel for him. I’m sure he really wants to answer to you but can’t anymore since he is a mod


Is the report still good for this month?


French ground troops above 10.0 are almost impossible to play now.
Why do you refuse to send Leclerc S1 and S2 to 11.0? They are clearly no better than the M1A1 and TKX (P) in terms of maneuverability, survivability, and even penetration depth (575mm for OFL 120 F1 compared to 598mm for M829A1)
If you need an 11.7 tank, you can add the Leclerc XLR.

Yeah problem with XLR is that complete upgrade pack is still unknown. We’ve seen some pictures that don’t actually compare to the written informations (ie, not having the upgraded PASEO optics for example).
The 2 main issues with the Leclerc for me are the protection (especially of the hull) and the mobility. Both should be easy fixes if devs were actually willing to listen to the player feedbacks and reports but hey.

However France top tier isn’t unplayable, Leclercs might not be very good, but at least you compete with 4 very good CAS vehicles (Mirage 2000D/-5F, Mirage 4000, tiger HAD block 2) which somewhat makes the BR worth playing to me


Surely we’ll see something at Eurosatory this year…


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Anyway, some stuff on Ascalon:



I can’t believe the USA and the Germans are going for 130mm with their next MBT. By the time they’re going to enter service, they’ll be made obsolete by the French 140mm.

Can’t wait to see the size of the vehicle that will use the ASCALON lol

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I’ll tell you this summer :)

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The simple fact that the 130mm is based on a 120mm but with a larger chamber. That means that the gun will ultimately be limited in its prospective upgrades at they will already reach their chamber pressure. As for the 140mm, as it is a completely new gun, it should be able to be upgraded further (higher chamber pressure, longer gun…)

And is bigger

RH 130 its made to be optimized for firing at high pressure with 20+MJ, the purpose of the cannon its to use every single bit of energy possible, and allowing to have higher pressure capacities for further iterations of a possible new apfsds, one of the worries of increasing the caliber its the higher weight and high lose of velocity and hence why 130 mm was selected as the main choice because this would be an issue unless it could achieve higher pressure.


Is this the same 130mm that was in that challenger 2 with 130mm

yeah, and its autoloaded btw

Interesting and makes sense as the rounds are gonna be even heavier so better auto load it

This can be “fixed” by increasing pressure limits, thus using heavier & more powerful rods. Secondly, due to 140mm using casetelescoped ammunition, its propellant charge is ultimately smaller than the 130mm’s despite the increased case volume.

As of now, Ascalon’s energy output is between 17MJ to 20MJ, so at the lower end of the spectrum it’s only somewhat more powerful than stuff like DM83 & M829A4, at the higher end of spectrum it’s only comparable to Rh 130 firing lighter & smaller test projectiles.

higher chamber pressure, longer gun

This can be done with a 130mm as well…?

The simple fact that the 130mm is based on a 120mm but with a larger chamber

This is just nonsense speaking. If Rh L/51 is “based on a 120mm”, so is Ascalon. Sorry not sorry, but both of those cannons are traditional in every sense of the word. Neither makes use of exotic technologies like
for example, US’s XM 360 ETC (Electrothermal-chemical technology) cannon.

Will probably be smaller than the Leclerc. French army want a sub-50 tonne vehicle. Ascalon is also supposed to be lighter than the 120mm L/55 (albeit 40cm longer).

In any case, I’m willing to bet an E-100 that France and Germany will end up splitting ways - then we can see which is better.

Only an E-100? Lad you better add your kidney to that.

KMW & Rheinmetall already received funding for a Leopard 3. MGCS will die within ±5 years.


Last I heard the chamber pressure on the 130mm would reach the physical limit of the chamber itself, which isn’t the case with the Ascalon, which is what I tried to convey in my message.