the engines are so weak and they dont even accelerate without the afterburner one maneuver and all the speed is gone i dont think that the engine power is acurate if it was so bad historicly they wouldnt even create it


yeah i feel you. It especially sucks when youre going against tornados and SU 25’s that might as well be invulnerable tanks.


I can’t comment on the in-game modelling. However IRL, i know a little.

The Jaguar was actually designed to be a trainer, But someone thought it would make a good ground attack aircraft, and so many were converted, but it was a proper british bodge job. They had many major limitations throughout their service history, including their relatively low speed and poor handling.

In one red-flag excercise a jaguar pilot tried to evade an F-15 that was behind him and no matter what he did, the F-15 stuck to him like glue. For the entirity of that excercise the jaguars were relegated to a supporting role.

Now in-game we do have the earlier versions, and throughout their life, they recieved a number of upgrades. Including the Jaguar Gr3A which greatly enhanced its performance, including much better engines. They should probably also be able to carry 9Ls, but that is a major can of worms, so instead im hoping for (Fixed and massively buffed) SRAAMs.

A lot of this comes from the book “Typhoon, by Mike Sutton” (first half is all about his career as a jaguar pilot BEFORE the Typhoon came into service, and he literally wrote the ground attack book for the Typhoon based upon that experience)

The guys over in British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion are really knowledgable and might be able to answer questions about its in game flight model.

Though, from someone who’s played it in WT, I’d avoid air to air combat, and focus on ground pound. ASB is really good for that and the Jaguar performs really well.

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if we look at the enemy team compared to them 2 sure kills vs a10s or su25s that can get easily up to 4 or 6 kills plus the 2 awesome anti air missiles they re carrying its not even fitting in the br

The issue is that the Su-25, A6 and A-10 are all subsonic (mach 0.8 ish) , the Jaguar can reach high speeds (Mach 1.05 ish) with a minimal weapons loadout/lower fuel load. That is where the issue lies in giving them Aim-9Ls. SRAAMs could be a potent but not OP addition to their BR. Though even with 9Ls, they’d still not be suited for the furball that is ARB