The issue of "PVE" matches

With Britain lacking any viable PvP options for high tier ASB currently (at least that I find even slightly enjoyable for more than 1 or 2 sorties) . Almost everything I do is PvE these days. If someone in the match asks nicely for PvE lobby, then Im not going to go out of my way to engage in PvP just to spite them. I just use the fact that I dont necessarily have to worry about the enemy team to operate a little more relaxed. Flying a little higher and being more conservative on fuel usage.

(Even in a “normal” match, I’m usually nice to those also engaged in PvE actions, and wont go out of my way to shoot them down. Just because I “can”)

Sure when, the player base gets angry at people “breaking” PvE then I think there is an issue, but I have no issue with PvE lobbies if asked nicely. Again, doesnt affect me either way.


Are you saying, that if I join a lobby, wanting to play the Tornado Gr1, or Jagaur Gr1A or Harrier Gr7, and engage mostly if not entirely in PvE actions. And someone says “Its a PvE lobby” Im Required to then not take out those aircraft and too instead take out something like the Tornado F3 just to what “spite them”?

Dont be stupid. If people are being aggresive towards other players, then of course they should be punsihed for it. But I have never seen a “PvE” lobby where players have actually been anything other than nice and cordial when asking for PvE lobbies. If the lobby fills up and people engage in PvP, then the lobby is just PvP. I’ve never seen anyone complain in a lobby like that, im sure they do. But usually they just leave the match and join another.

I dont think there is anything wrong with that. The economy sucks in WT. If everyone is just hitting bases to begin with anyway. Aka, engaged almost exclusively in PvE. Then whether someone actually says anything or not, doesnt necessarily actually change anything.

I’ve never asked for a PvE lobby, but if I happen to join one. Then, again, Im not going to go out of my way shoot down other people, or take an aircraft I dont actually want to fly, just out of spite. I just hit targets the same way I would have done before. Except now I dont need to worry about evading the other team. It can even be perticuarly handy though for things like bug testing PGMs.


from what I could see with the bug report site, it’s likely outsourced to a company like the one I used to work for. So honestly with that info only a quarter of the bugs you report will reach a dev because a lot of those get tickets get closed by a lazy worker that doesn’t want to deal with the extra ticket.

Well it’s been 14 months since my first report, I report once a month or two months for the heck of it and usually a few replays, so rough estimate would be at least 25 reports, so a quarter of that would still be sufficient I’d think.

nah for outsource companies it has to be a wave of people reporting or it gets ignored

Just need to look at NRB and the fact that only 200 ish account got banned for botting to know, most reports go un-punished.

This guy is never going to get banned then, it’s way too unlikely for people to notice a cheater and for them to go out of their way to start replays and go through the trouble of doing so.

Why ?

The game has no PvE, if they want PvE, they should ask gaijin for PvE lobies. Asking for PvE to players is kind of cheating.

you just make the report in game when you see it, then it’s more of a hope and a prayer situation. I generally hate outsource companies as I understand exactly how lazy they are.

After a year of trying it seems pretty pointless to report players.

Hopefully it won’t be a year before they fix the missiles only working for an hour into the game, but it’ll be decades before I see them ban a player that I’ve reported.

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I said this cause of the people that tend to host said lobbies

There is no outsourcing! You post a report, we GM’s process it, meaning we read the full chat log and decide whether there is base enough for a sanction or not.

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I’ve looked at your in-game reports (chat related): You report stuff, but not the proper way: If you observe chat related issues, it’s correct to report via ingame functionality, as this logs all chat related info including the full chat log.

But if you observe forbidden gameplay like the donuts you describe or suspected hacking or cheating, you need to go via server replay report, as only this a) gets all info together needed for this type of offense, and b) exactly and directly gets it to the team responsible to take care of those report (which is not our team of GM’s, btw.)


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Or more detailed:

I don’t care about the in-game reports, I only used those in the past because I didn’t know I had to use the replay function because who knows where that is explained.

I have however used the replay function report plenty of times over the last year, and every single player I have tracked has not been banned.

This was incorrect but still the point remains… Why’s the ingame reporting got the hacks and cheats if that’s the case then?

I wouldn’t have thought it would’ve been hard for a mod to merely spectate a few matches of the reported person to see what’s being pointed to… I do it myself when people are asking if the action of people looks dodgy…

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this is wrong. it shows that a game that relies on a pure PvP grinding silver lion system is outdated.

why do you care how many silverlions these people earn? it’s not your account. it doesn’t matter.

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yes I agree with you 100% on that point.
Alliees v Axis and
NATO v Warsaw Pact sounds good

these players help and support each other. it is a kind of truce between the players.

it is a demonstration of the players. these people sometimes shoot not at each other but at gaijin. players as a community of solidarity against the investors and developers of gaijin!

I think your problem is that you don’t understand the reasons. it is quite simple. just ask these people why they do it!