The Israel ground problem

It is arguable that Gaijin does not lack options when it comes to adding vehicles to Israel. Rather, that it does not WANT to add them. It’s lazy about Israel, and arguably about other nations as well.

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The Israeli tree suffers from the same Gaijin created problem that France does. Current tree has large capability gaps, people don’t play said tree, Gaijin uses lack of players to justify not spending effort to add possible vehicles. It’s a viscous cycle and it’s gonna take Gaijin just ignoring current player numbers to build a desirable tree.

Both trees also suffer from the same problem at top tier, nothing to offer expect AA and bad MBTs.

True. Every tree’s playerbase count is an artificial construct.
Israel’s air TT has a large player base. Its ground TT has a tiny one in comparison.
If Gaijin adds Namer and Eitan IFVs to the TT, and an Eitan tank destroyer as premium - Israel will get a huge player base boost and that premium will sell like crazy.

Italy and Israel are starving

Damn, when will Gaijin fix turret protection and speed up reload, the Merkava 4M is not strong enough to put it in the same room as the Leopard 2A7V/122, 65.5 tons of paper armor with 6.7 seconds reload speed is really a junk tank


Damaged side skirt of Merkava 3 MBT:

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Given, even China could have a decently unique lower tier lineup for both aviation and ground, but much like Israel the fun stuff is being neglected bar high tier.


As i learned thanks to wargame red dragon forums, Israel had defense treaty with…south africa.

But I guess that ship has sailed with SA being in UK TT.

Would be funny tho, israeli tanks with SA light vehicles.

Chile is a good option for them.
They’ve had good ties for a long time.

Here is the main proposal that goes over this idea.

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Israel used to have close relations with SA, being the only nation that maintained a political alliance with it during the international isolation (until 1987, then resumed the alliance in 1991/2). The relationship between Israel and South Africa is quite shaky, constantly moving from good allies to enemies, depends a lot on the SA government. The SA people always liked Israel tho.

Read more here:

I’m not saying Chille isn’t a good option, I mentioned it as a possibility in my Israel ground forces full potential tech tree. I just don’t really want to see yet another subtree with typical copy&paste vehicles such as the Leotard 2. They have a lot of unique vehicles, but I feel like Chile would be better implemented as a part of a part of a South American tech tree.

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While I do understand your notion, I would like to mention that the Chilean Leopard 2 variant has some key differences like a new engine.
It looks identical on the outside, but it would function slightly differently, perhaps 10.7 material rather than 10.3.

As for the South American concept, I personally don’t really like the concept that much but I hardly see a good alternative as to how the nations included would be represented to a serious degree otherwise, so I guess it’d be a “necessary evil”.
I’ve been talking with a user recently who mentioned an “ABC” concept for Argentina + Brazil + Chile. I really don’t know what to make of that.

If Israel gets any sub nation - it has to be one with a good amount of light vehicles.

South Africa would have been an okay match in terms of vehicles, but as said here before - Israel and SA are currently enemies.

I still think it is too exaggerated that you do not approve a complete sub tree just for 1 tank that you do not like like the Leopard 2, which also could not even be considered copy/paste since the version with the special Fibrotex camouflage is quite modified, which is also from an Israeli firm, then you would maintain the link with the nation and you would have a tank that is visually very different from a standard Leopard 2, come on, you wouldn’t have a Leopard 2A4 like the one from Finland that doesn’t even change the ammunition, in fact the Chilean Leopard 2 uses Israeli ammunition.


Chile can provide Israel with 12 light vehicles and most of them are not in the game or are unique variants made in the country.

Chaffee with israeli cannon

M41 with israeli cannon


Chilean Piraña with israeli cannon

just to give you 3 examples of light vehicles that Chile can give to Israel and that are powerful and have links with the country


Tenuous at best. Its more just business.

It’s a single tank, right up here I gave you 3 more vehicles for Israel with a connection, and one of them was passed to the developers in December, if it enters the game it would surely be for Israel in any case

I’d advice it getting M321, M322 got the Merkava Mk.3s upBRd to 11.0.

M321 penetration specs:
516mm @ 0m (0°)
480mm @ 2000m (0°)
280mm @ 2000m (60°)
Superior to DM33, slightly inferior to DM43

Considering the extent of Israeli influence on Chilean equipment I don’t think it matters much what the nations think of one another beyond the defense connections.

Also, as I already discussed previously, there is also the option of an Israeli commercial subtree made up of private ventures of Israeli defense companies

I featured my idea of it in my tech tree:
Israel ground forces full potential

OTOH; It breaks immersion to have vehicles that never served together in the same tree and BR levels.
When I play China, I try to have lineups that only have either PRC or ROC equipment in them, like wise with SA or Hungarian, etc. Gaijin doesn’t make this easy sometimes…