The Israel ground problem

Actually produced prototypes can be obtained without a ‘sub tree’…

All the mentioned vehicles from the private venture group are a must in the existing lines of the Israeli ground TT.

A separate line for exports does sound better. For example the M113 HVMS in the regular line, and M24 with HVMS and perhaps also the Sherman in the exports tree, so you can get an HVMS lineup like you can do with Sweden’s 40mm lineup.

Oh no, I am very obviously aware of this! It’s just that the subtree is a more fun idea to sort those vehicles rather than unload them onto the tree. It woild also give Israel a 5th line, which would make it seem bigger.

More improtantly, the subtree would allow the addition of some vehicles that would otherwise be a bit dodgy to add to the main tree, like the Magach Marksman:

This subtree would also magnetize some vehicles for Israel, like the aforementioned T-54M3. While the prototype is 100% going to Israel, the production variant might end up going to Russia (It’s a T-54 therefore Russian!!!) without the subtree.

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Israel is really no fun… Every nation cuts through merkava. 4 armor like hot knife through butter. Even to the turret from every direction… Frustrating.


The Eitan with the 30mm turret will be bad assed.

Israel is literally on the last of my list. Id rather play Hungary

Id actually be super interested in it though if it wasnt just the “weird U.S. tree”

Middle eastern design+US tank influence, they have some really crazy cool wacky but viable IRL stuff

And they have literal dozens of unique vehicles

Aside from the slow content, Israel is my favorite line to play.

I wish they would transfer the South African tree to Israel instead. Makes much more sense than being in the UK TT and it still being called UK instead of the more appropriate Commonwealth. And then maybe more South African vehicles would be added.

Why did players call for SA to be in the UK TT anyways?

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yep, for clear reasons, Israel tree lacks vehicles, and you can’t even find a sub tree for it. May be it’s time for it to go back to America sub tree, or create a mixed tree for those not suitable being a independent tree or sub tree.

There is not a clear reason for it. Israel has plenty of vehicles which can be added including an entire missile and IFV line. It’s already rivaling Japan in terms of Ground vehicles anyway.

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But tons of Magachs and Merkavas is still terrible for most of people. As I know, Israel missile and IFV isn’t enough to fill a full unique line, that’s why gaijin keep them so that Israel tree won’t ‘die’ so fast. Japan too, now it’s already in such situation, struggling by prototypes that almost same. And for clear reason, Israel can hardly find a sub tree to save it, so as Japan. I know they are considering South Korea sub tree, but this could cause some international conflicts.

Achzarit IFV, Eitan IFV, Namer IFV, M113 60mm HVMS, AMX-13 60mm HVMS, Pereh, Jeep TOW, Tiran 5, Tiran 5Sh, Tiran 6, Ti-67, Chieftain Mk.1, Shot Kal Bet, Sholef, Sabrah, Carmel, Sho’t Meteor, Merkava Mk.4 Barak, Merkava Mk.3D (Early), Merkava Mk.3D (Late), Merkava Mk.2C, XR-311 (106mm Recoilless Rifle), XR-311 (Hughes TOW ATGM system), M-60 Sherman, M-50 Sherman.

Do I need to go on? I easily can.

Gaijin has just been slow for the last 3 years and only added Magachs for the majority of Israel being in game.


Israel has no shortage of vehicles that can be added to the game, its biggest problem is that Gaijin didn’t have much enthusiasm for it, from the time Israel was added to War Thunder until now, Gaijin only copied and paste, and didn’t have enough enthusiasm to add its featured vehicles (Tigres, Sabra, Spyer,Soltam, etc.).
As for your desired subtree, you can actually add a selection of all of Israel’s foreign trade vehicles to it, as one of the world’s largest arms trading countries, he has a lot of foreign upgrade orders (Turkey, Vietnam, India, etc.), but only if Gaijin does not have a negative bias against Israel


I don’t really consider most of the Magachs to be copy paste, but it would be nice for something different.

My list above would be to die for tbh

I absolutely want all of those tanks in the game. It would add 25 tanks to Israel and a good few of them would not be that hard to do.

Being easy to do and not wanting to take the time and effort to do it are two different things. Israel, which is not loved by game designers, has waited three years and the experience is the same or worse than it was three years ago. Check out the much-loved Sweden (lack of helicopters? No problem. I can add all the helicopters that bid to the game. Lack of advanced vehicles? No problem we will also include the tanks that came to Sweden for bidding at that time. Lack subtrees? No problem. We will unite the four Norse countries in war thunder and build a great Norse empire.)

Unfortunately for Israel, all of its neighbors don’t like them.

So, subtrees based in the middle east aren’t exactly possible, though Taiwan is in China… so maybe not.

Regardless, it is possible for Israel to get these additions. It’s just going to be slow at this rate because Israel doesn’t pull in the money Sweden and Russia does.

I think unique now means no more Tiran, Shot or Merkava. Things like M113 60mm HVMS and Pereh are welcomed, and are what I mean " gaijin keep them". Although, the IFVs are little surprising, thanks for updating. They used to be APCs with only mechine guns, and I don’t know some of them have turrets.

You are gatekeeping content for the smallest nation in the game.

What makes you the deciding factor on how Unique something is?

The standard Sho’t tank having a 50 cal over the normal Centurion Mk.3 was enough to save my life on several occasions. With that being the case, a small change can go a long way to change how a vehicle performs and plays.

Why should a Nation in game in desperate need of vehicles not receive its modified tanks? Israel is a nation built on wacky modifcation, which is what makes it unique compared to other tech trees.

You like Centurions? Israel has some wacky modifications you might like. You like M60 tanks? Israel has a bunch of those that play in their own way. You like T series tanks? Israel has some extremely modified versions of those.

It’s a nation built on modularity building upon the taste you get from the USA, Britain, France, and Russia.

Not against modificated tanks, but the modifcation tanks almost same, for example, Magach 6R and Magach 6B. So some more different Tirans is ok, but Merkavas no, just as I don’t like copy paste vehicles in other nations. I like M60 tanks, I like modificated M60 tanks, but not 2 almost same M60 tanks or modificated M60 tanks, that’s my point.

You don’t need to grind the majority of the Israeli Magach Line. In fact, you can entirely ignore it I believe.

Having those tanks present just adds to the lineup around their Battle Ratings. A bunch of the tanks I listed such as the Tiran 5 and 6 or Chieftain Mk.1 would bring more dynamic 8.7 play for Israel than just Magachs.

I’m not a big fan of the Magach spam either, but at least you can ignore it. My only gripe is that Magach additions take the place of other things I want.