The Ho-ri Prototype and Production BR

I recently saw a post on the forum which said that the Ho-ri Prototype was previously 6.0 like the jagpanther.
Having just under 200 battles with the Ho-ri Prototype I was wondering why it was so high br (same for the production).

I understood that this was due to the fact that the Japanese players had better scores, so is it possible that these 2 vehicles returned to a lower br with the current economic changes?

After all the 2 Ho-ri underperform at these br (i don’t have the ho-ri production)

The prototype has a front armour of only 120mm for the “turret” and only 75 for the body, and the production 200 and 120, for a penetration of 205 and 233 respectively and a reload of 11.1s.

Whereas in 6.7 there are other much more effective vehicles such as the Ferdinand, the Jagtiger, the T95 and the Tortoise.
These vehicles all performed better than the Ho-ri prototype and similar to the production version.

HO-RI prototype for me should be compared to the JP:

  • JP is faster and has better P/W ratio;

  • HO-RI Pro has better reverse;

  • HO-RI has slightly more gun depression 2 degrees;

  • JP has better round with penetration

  • HO-RI has more explosive filler almost double

  • Both have about the same reload 8.6 versus 8.5 spaded

Production compared to Ferdinand & JT:

  • HO-RI has way better HP/T ratio almost double;

  • armor is comparable to Ferdinand, JT has better armor;

  • Ferdinand reloads faster, JT way slower;

  • HO-RI round almost the same a 88l71, still with double the HE filler;

i’ve played both and from what is stated above:

  • HO-RI Prototype same BR as JP for me thats 6.3 in AB;
  • HO-RI production Same BR as Ferdinand/Elefant 7.0 in AB;

What is like about both the HO-RI’s:

  • very hard to kill due to:
    * 6 crew members which are nicely spread out;
    * Ammo storage is low on the floor, take out 10 rounds and sides racks are empty;
  • good mobility and gun depression;
  • While not as much penetration as the 88L71, the 200g of TNT filler, makes a pen deadly;
  • Love the visual model, where the roof opens up to allow the gun to depress fully.

I don’t have the Ho-Ri Prototype, so I won’t say anything.
The Ho-Ri Production has equivalent protection and firepower to the Ferdinand, with a better post-penetration effect due to more TNT.
But above all, it has excellent mobility, in direction, forward and reverse.

The reverse speed of the Ho-Ri production was nerfed quite some time ago, at the current moment, the Ferdinand has a decisive advantage in reversing, with a 30km/hr reverse against the Ho-Ri’s 8.6km/hr reverse.

As far as firepower goes, while post-penetration is superior, uncapped APHE is a less reliable projectile, with a notably greater tendency to ricochet as well as inferior general penetration characteristics overall, which can be more problematic at its battlerating in RB of 7.3. Whether or not this all culminates in a vehicle that is supposedly deserving of .6 BR above the Ferdinand in RB is its own matter however, but from my perspective, it’s a sidegrade at best.

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I didn’t talk about the mobility indeed because as a Ferdinand and elephant player too, I didn’t find any advantage for the ho-ri, I personally find the mobility good enough for the 2 vehicle even if the reverse acceleration on the Ferdinand is stupidly fast

Also for the Armor even if I don’t talk about the Armor itself I already had been killed because of some shell going bullshit into the 2 stupid plate (don’t even know why they exist)
even if it seem to have been fix I still don’t trust it

But does it mean that maybe it’s be can be lowered ?
If it’s possible do I need to make a demand somewhere else with very clear points ?

I see that with the update to adjust BRs in order to try and separate WW2 from cold-war vehicles, that the HO-RI Production is still sitting at 7.3.

It’s still facing the same old tanks it always has in the up tiers, but it should be pushed down to 7.0 at least.

New update, it’s still sitting at the same BR. I guess their roadmap is just bull…

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