The game graphics need to be upgraded

The issue that bothers me about the graphics is the short distance you get to see good graphics, but not even 200m away, it all looks like ULQ, as shown in my screenshots above in this post:

With TAA, it looks crispy in the distance. With DLSS on Quality, it looks like ULQ further away. With neither and render resolution maxed, the whole game looks horrific. With SSAA on, it’s not really better either and poorly optimized, as it drags my rig down to 40-50 FPS, which usually runs all the latest modern games without any problem on high settings.

It’s not good when they hold back the graphics/details for the majority of players because of a small minority of the player base. It’s the single only game doing this, and I can’t even imagine how gaming would look like or games like Tekken 8, Elden Ring, Red Dead Two, and the likes if they also did the same thing.

Warframe also looked much worse when it came out, and over time, it continued to upgrade its graphics to a very good point now. I haven’t heard anyone complain about it. It looks far better and is far more taxing on the rig compared to its release but a far better gaming experience.

And I managed to buy a good enough PC for every modern game years ago when I had less than 900€ left after taxes, not even including food costs and the like. That’s less than the average person in places like Mexico or China earns nowadays.

A good enough computer to run War Thunder on medium can be bought for under 300€, and a good enough computer to run all modern games on high settings can be bought for 700€-800€, which is very affordable in my opinion. I have a former friend who bought himself a good gaming computer with social welfare money here in Germany, lol.

Not seeing how it is ‘disgusting’ to point this out. Is every single video game developer aside from Gaijin now disgusting? I don’t see anyone complaining about Baldur’s Gate III not being able to be played on office PCs. Or Steam shutting down its services for older operating systems, also forcing people to upgrade or lose access to all of their games on Steam if they don’t upgrade.

If anything is disgusting, it is to demand the majority of the player base to have a worse experience or to demand that a company intentionally make their games visually worse so a minority can play.

When I was younger, I also had the worst PC among my family and friends. For some years, I only had a 450 GPU and couldn’t play a lot of stuff, but I never once thought of demanding from a game to worsen its graphics just so I could play it while everyone else now has a worse experience with it due to me.


How much did you pay for your setup?

Better to fix stutters and freezes first.

we already are playing war thunder 2 since the update “New Power”

If you want top tier graphics you have to have a top tier rig.

But it still looks great in 4K, mostly maxed, just not using ray tracing (when I play flat, which I never do since getting into VR) and I’m pushing it with a 2080 super I paid $1500 (the whole PC) back in 2019.

Also this weird white/grey smoke trail from planes which sometimes happens, sometimes not - and im 99,9% sure i never saw something like this a few months ago


Well well well…

How the topic went…

Looks like majority actually agrees with me that low graphics abuse is a problem.

But yeah, you managed to ban me for (sic!) racism toward people with lowspec PC

this “community” is really a joke

Could we just scan what hardware the player using, and disable ULQ if their PC could run without ULQ?

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Doubt cause every rig is different. Some with same hardware but from different manufacturer might run differently, with one having fps drops while other run same settings smoothly.

It’s not really “ULQ”

I’ve been playing around with my settings and you can still have a game that looks decent while having all the advantages ULQ brings.

The first 2 are grass and trees. When it comes to these settings, its not so much the trees or grass themselves that are the problem. The problem is the weather/wind animations that play on higher quality settings. You spend a lot of time staring at your screen looking for movement, and when the entire screen is a bunch of noise from wind blowing on trees and grass that becomes very difficult. Turning these settings to the lowest possible removes these animations entirely and allows you to spot movement in the distance much easier.

Shadows are the other part of the equation. Shadows can help hide tanks by lowering contrast of tanks hiding in them. So turning these to the lowest possible helps that as well.

Basically all you have to do is turn off shadow settings or set them to low, and turn off grass/trees. This gets rid of random movement noise, and increases overall contrast.

There is another setting, particle density, which can be a doubled edged sword, and im not really sure if low/high is better overall, but it really doesn’t matter too much.

Every other setting you can crank up to max and it won’t affect your ability to compete with ULQ players.

I also play on widescreen 21:9 which gives me an additional like what 15% or so FOV on both sides of my screen which helps. If you want to have an advantage on poor players there’s an avenue for you.


You won’t be able to reach them. I have tried explaining it multiple times but some still refuse to listen.

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That is usually a sign of a GPU defect, or driver error.
I’d consult experts on the matter, cause that ain’t normal.

There’s nothing really to abuse. Max settings lets you see through bushes when using thermals while ULQ doesn’t.

Why? If people want to play with a handicap more power to them.

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It would be nice if they added an additional setting to control foilage animations, then you could play with high quality trees and grass, but without the annoying noise from them constantly moving off.

Shadows it seems they understand play a role, because you can’t turn them off, only minimal.

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This topic is just a complaint l made after a game that didn’t go well, too many bugs. l didn’t expect so many people to pay attention to this topic. After reading the responses, l also want to share my opinion.

I think this game needs comprehensive optimization, the picture quality of the vehicle is really good, but the terrain texture environmental graphics are relatively bad, close up is OK, a little far away on, um…

There are too many bugs, each version update will bring new bugs, I am not a technical person, whether a new physics engine can solve these problems, graphic optimization can make ULQ can also get a good performance.

Society is progressing, and if this game wants to appeal to more people, l think it needs an upgrade, just like World of Tanks. After all,this game is not Minecraft, and even Minecraft needs better computer to run smoothly after installing some mods.

The last one is a purely personal opinion with no advice. If l can’t afford the game l want to play, then l should be more concerned about my real financial problems than about being able to play the game.

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MC is horribly optimized, so not a good example lol

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just no , the game looks great , and it doesn’t forces me to buy a high end pc to play it

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i think when it comes to graphics and the appearance of vehicle models, I think we don’t need a graphic upgrade, they look great, but when it comes to the appearance of the maps, that’s a different story, in my opinion, better graphics would be useful.

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New Engine, full stop

Some assets pre date the game and come from Wings of Prey.

its okay but for how long ???

New engine, then port all assets over in the background, and when ready, release.

and yes i have a £6000 PC with a super ultrawide monitor at 5120 x 1440p and everything maxed.

Needs optimising and Quality of Life, first and foremost, there is only so many upgrades they can do before the basic coding / engine needs a revamp / change

You can download custom hangar with only vehicles visible. Maybe this will solve your performance issues?