The game graphics need to be upgraded

When will the game’s graphics and engine be upgraded, we need War Thunder 2


The game is beautiful graphically, there is no need to improve this aspect. The textures and terrain can be improved, but the graphics are already very good


I had written a comment about what I think of your idea, but apparently WT forum does not allow us to say certain things.

So, I’ll just say: No.


What we really need is to force graphic settings to high.

It’s finally time when we should get rid of sweats who purposely play on low graphics just to see tanks better


So anyone without a decent PC is just unable to play the game? You should think about what you are saying before you say it you know.


Buy me new PC then,i cant afford one with 4070. To last me another 8 years


I have a job. And i want 4070 so i dont have to buy new PC for next 10 years again.

Buy it then

This guy must be 10 years old if he thinks that having a job means you can just send £1200 on a graphics card like its nothing lol


I cant,it cost 90% of my monthly income


You must be 10 years old if you think your financial situation is anyone’s but your own problem

Getting rid of sweats who abuse low graphics will benefit all playerbase

  1. You do not need 4070 to play this game
  2. Your financial situation is only your responsibility, not everybody else

Aint my problem majority of jobs here play about that lol. Wages are same while cost of living risen significantly. Also again i want 4070 not to upgrade PC for next 10 years,and have ability to play new games.

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It is,cause you would deny a large playerbase to Gaijin. According to their stats 1080x720 is also still very used resolution so imagine the amount of people with old hardware

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So you actually think getting rid of people abusing low graphics is more important than accessability of the entire game? How about you go away and think of a different way to solve the issue you see, one that gaijin might actually do, because I can tell you right now they are not going to just block off a huge portion of the playerbase from playing.


Tbh he’s probably just trolling because he’s gone into a few posts and is just parroting all the L takes grifters on the reddit come up with to farm engagement.

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Quicker you understand Gaijin wont get rid of big part of playerbase,better for you.

No, they shouldnt. Simple as that.


I did mention, but i guess you were too busy running your mouth.

My current laptop is from 2015, sooo…

Yeah no
I can barely run at ULQ as-is.

The monthly steam hardware survey says enough:

2nd most used card is a 1650