The G.91 YS



In this edition of “old man yelling at clouds”, I would like to talk about the G.91 YS.

You might be wondering “what the hell is the G.91 YS??”, that would be fair, seeing a G.91 YS in battle is rarer than getting a premium vehicle in the lootboxes.

So what is the G.91 YS?

The G.91 YS is a 9.7 subsonic jet that can equip up to 2 AIM-9Bs and does not get any kind of countermeasures. If you play around that BR in air realistic, you probably already figured out why you never see that plane in battle.

It’s, for the lack of a better word, terrible at 9.7.
For the record, the MiG-21 SPS-K sits at 9.7 too, is supersonic, and comes with R-60s.
I know players have widely differing opinions on the effectiveness of R-60s and whether they genuinely pull 30Gs or not depending on the patch but the undeniable fact is that R-60s are a lot better than AIM-9Bs.

To take another comparison, the Super Mystere B2 in the French tree performs very similarly but sits at 9.0.

It is true that the G.91 YS can carry a rather impressive load, up to 4 1000lb bombs, however, that really should not be enough to send it all the way to 9.7, as it’s slow speed will mean either:

  • Faster friendly aircraft will bomb everything there is to bomb before the G.91 YS can get anywhere
  • Faster hostiles (literally everyone at this BR) will intercept the G.91 YS before it can get anywhere

Needless to say, it is no better in ground RB than in air RB, I have done a few hundred battles at this BR in both ground and air recently, and I have seen the G.91 YS not one, not two, but exactly zero times.

Please fix?

The G.91 YS has been at 9.7 for… maybe 3+ years? it was 9.7 when I researched it years ago, 9.7 when the Phantom was added, 9.7 when the A-10 was added, 9.7 when the F-5 was added…

It, quite simply, has been incredibly powercrept. 9.7 is really no longer a hospitable BR for the G.91 YS. I think it should go down to at least 9.0, where the similarly performing Super Mystere B2 is.

Rant over

(No seriously Gaijin, please. It’s really not that good of a plane, just look at how many people play it.)


I agree with what you say, that plane has never been treated well, but please do not compare the Mystere with the G91, Mystere is not even half as good, it has the same missiles and the statistics say a maximum speed. Similar does not mean that it has “similar performance”, nor similar. Acceptable would be a 9.3, but at 9.0? No.

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The BR for jets must be fixed from 8.0 to top tier.
Please STOP asking for this jet should be lowered or this one.
That’s destroying whole BR bracket everytime gaijin agree this stupidity.
The toptier must be raised to (at least) 15.0 and then you can decompress below.

Now, think about facing G.91YS in one of the current 8.0 planes … Come on, let’s be serious.

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…yeah, A 8.0 plane can handle a G.91 YS just fine…
Yes it would be better to decompress as always but this is hardly one of those times.

I have both, no clue what you’re talking about, they perform similarly.

Lol, if a 8.0 shoot down the YS … It’s just a skill issue !

I killed a Mig-23 once with my Venom. Do you think gaijin should down the Mig to 8.7 ?

They don’t ! The G.91YS Retains the energy far better.

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I’ll rephrase this.
Let’s take the F-104. The F-104 is an absolute pain in the ass for everyone it faces when it gets a downtier.
Why? Because it’s incredibly faster than any other plane at the BR and below. You will occasionally find the idiot F-104 who turnfights, but most know it’s a boom and zoom fighter and will play it like a boom and zoom fighter.
And boi, the F-104 zooms, in a downtier, when played like this, it is quite literally unreachable by anyone. No plane can catch it, no missiles can catch it.

What about the G.91 YS then? The G.91 YS is a relatively good turn fighter, and at 9.0 it would overall have the edge on most planes. It would not be unreachable, however.

An F-104 in a downtier cannot be killed no matter the amount of planes trying to kill it, a G.91YS most assuredly can be killed when ganged up on. There is no shortage of plane that can keep up at 9.0, or even 8.7 (the Sea Vixen for instance is almost as fast).

So yeah, I think it’d be fine at 9.0, worst case scenario, it would be good in downtiers and would still get absolutely shit on in uptiers, which is the case for a lot of planes at this BR already.

I want the BRs to be decompressed just as much as any other guy, but let’s be real here, Gaijin decompresses BRs once every blue moon.

I mean, sure it can. Vautour IIN (late) at 8.3 with its radar missiles or MCLOS missiles combined with good speed.

Edit: not disputing the fact the F-104A/C is very potent. but People facing that aircraft very much have the alternative means to force a win condition

Edit 2: i dont really have much to comment on the flight performance of the YS, but given its BR is probably rather potent in that department

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Veautour kill an F-104 but in theory, I could see it sure.

And yes, battles can be won other ways, and generally they are (I think ticket bleed accounts for over 50% of all wins), so I don’t think the G.91 YS would break everything apart like the Saggitario 2 once did.

It flies well, don’t get me wrong, it’s just at a BR where flying well is no longer what matters. It doesn’t matter how well the G.91 YS can turn, when at the same BR some planes have missiles that turn better.

Thats just the reality of 9.0 to 10.3. There are flareless jets and high maneuverability missiles that will trash your plane. And it is still very much a BR where maneuverability is important. As one can tell by the aircraft in the BR range that dominate.

If you are struggling with the high G missiles, keep in mind you can drain the energy of magic 1, and R60 very easily by just doing barrel rolls. Still works on Aim-9P/J/L, but less so.

At low altitudes that greatly limits their effective range

Oh I’m not struggling. Just like everyone else, I’m not touching the G.91 YS haha. Every blue moon I take it out, the battle is over before I get there, and while it is fun to dodge 2-3 missiles, you don’t get points for dodging missiles, you get points for killing things, which the G.91 YS very much cannot do unless it faces idiots

You have both but you don’t notice the difference between one and the other, I can’t tell you much more, without further ado, it’s not worth talking about it anymore. We agree that the br of g91 is not correct, nothing more.

Bruh you want to see your Me 262 C-2b face against G.91YS?

Yeah im late to the jet party and i started researching the late italian tree… Jesus Christ it’s so hard to do anything against enemy jets… You need a lot of skill and enemy has to make a mistake or you’re not getting a kill.
Italy needs more jets + little changes to br… Or maybe they are in the right place and enemy needs a br change i dunno. All i know is that it’s not fun to play their jets.

It’s BR is high because of RGB performance and Gaijin doesn’t want separate BR’s for planes for mixed battles.

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It’s funny as hell when Gaijin say that sort of mechanic is supposed to be impossible, when they’ve already done something similar with the different BRs for arcade, realistic and simulator battles.

I genuinely don’t understand why they’re so hell bent on keeping BRs as compressed as they are.

Planes having same BR in ARB and GRB is really ridiculous and is hurting loads of planes for no real reason.

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You think the G.91YS is fine to face 9.0s? Really?

Incredibly specific and rare aircraft, not sure what you’re trying to say here

Yes, if they’re flying extremely specific aircraft and picked that aircraft BEFORE they hit battle, yes.

You don’t know anything about it but ASSUME it HAS to be good because of its BR? Do you hear yourself?